Fraser Island Travel Guide

Located 200 kilometres north of Brisbane, Fraser Island is a location that is easy to access from major urban centres in Australia. Fraser Island is part of the Wide Bay-Burnett region of Queensland. With its pristine beaches and pleasant seaside views, Fraser Island is a paradise for Australians who love serene natural environments.

Situated between Harvey Bay and the South Pacific Ocean, Fraser Island is massive. The distance from the northern point to the southern point is 120 kilometres. The island has a width of 24 kilometres. Fraser Island is also the largest sand island in the world.

Things to see and do on Fraser Island

Fringed by powdery white sand, the crystal blue waters of Lake Mackenzie make this natural attraction one of the main highlights of Fraser Island. This is a great place to soak up the sun for an hour or hour in between keep cool by splashing about in the water.

Lake McKenzie – Fraser Island, Queensland

Lake McKenzie is a freshwater lake on the world’s biggest sand island, Fraser Island.

People who can manage to tear themselves away from the beach for a few hours are sure to love hanging out at Lake Wabby. This scenic spot is home to large numbers of catfish and freshwater turtles, while a pretty footpath leads around the lake and offers plenty of places to pause and take in the view.

One of the best ways to get a feel for the intense natural beauty of Fraser Island is by climbing to the top of Indian Head. Visitors who stand at the top of this dramatic rocky outcrop will have the chance to spot dolphins, sharks and other marine creatures cavorting in the water far below.

Just a short stroll to the north of Indian Head is a series of rock pools where visitors can bathe in refreshing sea water. The Champagne Pools take their name from the froth that is formed when the waves break again the rocks, which provides plenty of dramatic photograph opportunities.

Just a short stroll from the main beach is the pretty Eli Creek, which is a great place to unwind away from the crowds of Fraser Island’s more popular tourist spots. This pretty freshwater creek is a good place to simply lay back and float while soaking up the views of the ocean on the horizon.