Gladstone Travel Guide

Gladstone is a city that every lover of nature should visit. Gladstone is a marine area with picturesque views of mountains, oceans, and rivers. While the city of Gladstone is located near the coast of Queensland, its territory also includes 14 islands. The city is also a major hub for transportation, so Gladstone receives quite a bit of traffic from various areas of Australia.

Gladstone is a medium-sized city with a population of approximately 32,000 people. Indigenous people make up a large minority of this population. The area around Gladstone is the tradition homeland of the Tulua, Meeroni, and Bailai Aboriginal tribes.

Things to see and do in Gladstone

This city is located between the Calliope and Boyne Rivers. While these rivers offer excellent opportunities for adventure and relaxation, they were necessary for the survival of the people who lived in the Gladstone region in the past. Both the Aboriginal people and the European settlers recognised the importance of the rivers. Tour the lands around Gladstone to learn about the unique history of shipping and exploration in Queensland.

Relax on Agnes Water Beach. Located in the town of Agnes Beach, this beach is well-preserved. Enjoy the untouched appearance of the clear water as you rest on the warm sand. Large swells regularly form near Agnes Beach, so you can enjoy popular aquatic activities like surfing. On calm days, you may also swim in the refreshing waters before a seaside picnic.

For an inland adventure, go to Expedition National Park. Expedition National Park is an area of remote wilderness that is known for its gorges and cliffs. This area has minimal amenities and facilities, so you must rely on your own skills and provisions. During the summer months, you can go to Expedition National Park to admire vast fields of wildflowers. After enjoying the lovely flowers, go to Robinson Gorge Lookout to enjoy a panoramic view of the area.