Hayman Island Travel Guide

Hayman Island is the northernmost island in the Whitsundays. Situated in the Coral Sea off the coast of Central Queensland, Hayman is one of the Cumberland Islands group. Hayman Island is near the world-famous Great Barrier Reef and on your trip there you’ll be surrounded by unspoiled beaches, glittering lagoons and majestic reefs.


The waters near Hayman Island were first discovered by Captain James Cook during his tour of New Holland in 1770. Hayman Island does not have many natural resources, so it was unoccupied until the 20th century. In 1947, Reginald Ansett, a famous Australian aviator, acquired Hayman Island. The Royal Hayman Hotel was constructed soon after Ansett gained possession of the island. The island earned a royal charter after Sir Arthur Fadden visited Hayman in 1950. The Royal Hayman Hotel slowly grew into a large resort after these events.

Things to see and do on Hayman Island

Hayman Island’s beaches are privately owned, but you may access them by staying at the premier resort. Enjoy exclusive access to some of the most beautiful seaside resorts in the world as you sip on cold cocktails. When you relax on Hayman Island, you will realise that you could live on a beach forever.

Hayman Island, Queensland

Tropical island resort with coconut trees and a sandy beach, surrounded by blue ocean in Hayman Island.

Enjoy the marvellous views of the vast expanse of turquoise water from every beach on the island. As you allow your pace of life to slow, you will be amazed by the cyclic nature of the ocean. Watch the waves crash on the shore before they gently return to the sea. This pleasant mixture of order and chaos will surely soothe your worried mind. Many poets and artists visit coastal areas for inspiration, so a trip here may be just what you need to think through some of life’s big questions.

If you are yearning for an exhilarating journey through the unknown, join a charter boat group to explore the Great Barrier Reef. While you may see the colourful coral reef from the boat, you should use snorkelling or diving gear to explore the magical underwater world. You will be awed by a beautiful area of stones, sand, and wildlife. You will encounter hundreds of coral species in the waters near the Great Barrier Reef, and you may also spot sea turtles and fish. When you return to the surface, keep an eye out for seabirds. There are plentiful fish populations in the reef, so many birds of prey can be spotted in the area, too.