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Lamington National Park
Travel Guide – Queensland

Lamington National Park Travel Guide

Located on the McPherson Range, Lamington National Park is an awe-inspiring nature reserve. The park’s lands are situated on the Lamington Plateau, and the views of the surrounding area are incredible. Located just 70 kilometres from Brisbane, Lamington National Park is one of the most accessible destinations in the Gold Coast Hinterlands. Lamington National Park is quite popular; thousands of Australian and international nature enthusiasts visit the reserve each year.

While the Gold Coast has many unique geological formations, Lamington National Park is known for its diverse flora and fauna. The large variation in elevation allows many species to flourish. At areas of high elevation, you may explore temperate Antarctic Beech forests. In low areas, you can trek through subtropical rain forests.

Things to see and do in Lamington National Park

Go to the northern escarpment to admire the lovely forests of eucalyptus trees. When you are in these unique forests, keep an eye out for sugar gliders, koalas, and other mammals. You may also encounter reptiles and amphibians. Lamington National Park is an excellent location for watching birds. Avian enthusiasts have spotted over 160 species of birds in the subtropical areas of the park.

Continue your journey through Lamington National Park by trekking along amazing bushwalking tracks. The Stinson Walk is an incredible route that will challenge your fortitude and abilities. This walk is a historical tour of Lamington that is intended for skilled bushwalkers. Retrace the steps of Bernard O’Reilly, the heroic landowner who used his experience and bush skills to rescue the survivors of the Stinson airliner crash of 1937.

Elabana Falls – Lamington Island National Park, Queensland

Elabana Falls in the Gold Coast Hinterlands.

After hearing about the crash on his property, O’Reilly raced against the clock to find the survivors in the rugged wilderness. Without O’Reilly’s daring rescue, the survivors of the crash would have likely perished in the wilderness. During the walk, you will follow the path of Bernard O’Reilley while learning about his experiences. The Stinson Walk is a difficult 12-hour trek.

For a short trek with incredible views, enjoy the Treetop walk. The Treetop walk follows a canopy path that offers stellar views of the dense vegetation and wildlife on the forest floor.