Mackay Travel Guide

Mackay is a small city on the eastern coast of Queensland 970 kilometres north of Brisbane. Drivers can access the Mackay metropolitan area by following the Bruce Highway or the Peak Downs Highway. This overland journey to Mackay will reward you with awe-inspiring views of coastal heathland, ocean waters, and mountains. When you finally arrive in Mackay, you will be amazed by one of the largest urban centres in the north-eastern portion of Queensland.

Things to see and do in Mackay

Before you venture into the great outdoors, enjoy some of Mackay’s best cultural attractions. While Mackay does not have a wide selection of festivals, its flagship events are spectacular. These events attract thousands of people from across Australia each year. The Festival of Arts is a major affair that features both contemporary and classic art from locals and touring artists. Admire the creative talents of skilled craftsmen, or purchase a new print for your personal collection. Lovely works of art can also be excellent gifts.

Continue your cultural tour of Mackay by enjoying great music at the River Sessions Festival. The River Sessions Festival is hosted by Mackay in June each year. You will be thrilled to hear hot new music from various genres, including rock, hip-hop, and alternative.

If you are yearning to explore the diverse landscapes near Mackay, visit the Pioneer Valley. Mackay is located on the Pioneer River, and the valley is just outside of the city. You will be filled with joy when you see a lovely rural world of sugar cane farms and cozy homes. Pioneer Valley also shelters Eungella National Park. Eungella National Park is a 52,000-hectare nature reserve with rain forests, plains, and hills. Explore the park’s rain forests as you traverse technical trails. Over 200 avian species reside in the park, so you may spot a rare bird.

Eungella National Park – Mackay, Queensland

Eungella National Park in the Mackay region of Queensland.

Mackay is a splendid gateway for marine adventures. You can easily access 31 beaches from Mackay, so be ready for an exciting day on the water. Harbour Beach is one of the most frequently visited areas in the Mackay region. This pristine beach is located near the Mackay Marina, so watch sailboats near the horizon as you listen to the music of crashing waves.