Mission Beach Travel Guide

Mission Beach is a beautiful village on the north-eastern coast of Queensland. This charming destination is situated near popular locations like Dunk Island and the Great Barrier Reef, so you will certainly enjoy exploring the entire region. Mission Beach is located on the edge of the beautiful Coral Sea, a lovely body of water. The beaches here are clean and spacious.

Mission Beach is a peaceful area that will allow you to escape the stressful aspects of modern living. The area has a tiny population of approximately 500 permanent residents, but it receives tourists throughout the year. Mission Beach is not a popular location for international tourists, so you should not expect large crowds. It’s located about 1,600 kilometres away from Brisbane. Mission Beach’s location also makes it a suitable gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

Things to do and see at Mission Beach

The economy of Mission Beach is supported by the various fruit farms in the area. Take some time to taste the delicious local produce. You will enjoy various tropical fruits, including pineapples, bananas, and coconuts. If you enjoy wine, visit one of Mission Beach’s unique wineries. These small-scale wineries specialise in wines that are produced from tropical fruits.

Since Mission Beach is a small village, it does not offer many cultural activities. If you visit the area during October, you can enjoy the Evolve Music Festival. This annual event features live performances from some of Australia’s rising artists. The Evolve Music Festival is a fun event that is suitable for people of all ages.

After you tour the area, return to the beach for an exciting day on the sand. Use a kayak to see the eastern coast of Queensland from a new perspective. The cliffs and coves of this area hide many natural wonders, so be prepared to stumble upon a treasure trove of lovely sights. The famous cassowary and several tropical birds live in the rain forest near Mission Beach.