Tamborine Travel Guide

Located in the picturesque Scenic Rim region of Queensland, Tamborine is a fantastic holiday town that is frequently visited by lovers of the great outdoors. Tamborine is in a rural region inland from the Gold Coast, so be prepared for a quiet adventure that will soothe your soul. From pristine mountains to magical forests, Tamborine has many geographical features that will entertain even the most experienced bushwalkers and sightseers.

Things to see and do in Tamborine

Tamborine is surrounded by charming rural areas, but it is also a gateway to the regionally famous Tamborine Mountain. This awe-inspiring geological wonder protrudes 525 metres from the ground, so walking to the summit will challenge your fortitude. If you decide to trek across the treacherous terrain of Tamborine Mountain, come prepared with extra food, water, and gear. When you finally reach the summit of the mountain, you will be rewarded with incredible panoramic views of the Tamborine plateau. Enjoy the enchanted views of green fields and rugged mountainous terrain from the highest point in the Tamborine area. Tamborine Mountain is an inactive shield volcano, so you can expect to see plenty of strikingly beautiful igneous rock formations.

Mount Tamborine – Tamborine, Queensland

Watching the sun set over Mount Tamborine.


Tamborine Mountain is listed as an important bird area by BirdLife International. During your adventures in the area, you may encounter a variety of rare birds. Some of the most important birds that can be spotted on Tamborine Mountain are lyrebirds, sooty owls, and cockatoos. Bring your binoculars for a fun-filled day of bird-watching and sightseeing.

Continue your journey in the lowlands near Tamborine. You will be thrilled to explore the lush forests and fields of the area. This area is nourished by rivers and rainfall, so it supports many large farms and orchards. If you appreciate quaint rural environments, tour a local farm. After you tour the fields and orchards, you may enjoy a tasty sampler of local limes. Tamborine has been known for its precious green citruses for thousands of years. Tamborine’s name stems directly from the word ‘Jambreen’. In the local Aboriginal language, ‘Jambreen’ means ‘wild lime’. You will realise that lime trees are common in the wilderness areas near the town, so Tamborine is a suitable name.

Curtis Falls is a fascinating attraction that is situated in Tamborine Mountain National Park. Witness one of the most impressive cascades in south-eastern Queensland as you reflect on your adventures.