Cape Jervis Travel Guide

Cape Jervis is situated in the southwestern portion of the Fleurieu Peninsula. The town is located just 108 kilometres south of Adelaide, so you can easily access the city via car or bus. Cape Jervis is a small town that is known for its soothing atmosphere and beautiful views of marine areas. The town receives regular traffic from tourists and passersby who are traveling to Kangaroo Island.

Things to see and do in Cape Jervis

From the coast near the town, you can see Gulf St. Vincent, Investigator Strait, and Backstairs Passage. After you have admired the breathtaking views of Cape Jervis, travel to Deep Creek Conservation Park. Deep Creek Conservation Park is a wilderness area that covers 45 square-kilometres. With over 18 kilometres of rocky coastline, this park offers numerous hidden areas that you can explore with your companions. Trek across the rugged terrain for an exhilarating challenge before you discover impressive stone formations that jut into the ocean. If you climb to one of the highest points in the park, you can see an incredible view of Backstairs Passage.

Morgans Beach – Cape Jervis, South Australia

Morgans Beach, showing the Starfish Hill Wind Generators in Cape Jervis, SA.

If you want an intimate experience in the wilderness, spend a night at one of the park’s campgrounds. Deep Creek Conservation Park has five campgrounds, so you will be able to find an isolated site to enjoy the nocturnal sounds of nature. End your trip in Deep Creek Conservation Park by bushwalking to Deep Creek Waterfall. The journey to Deep Creek Waterfall is arduous, but you will be rewarded with the peaceful views of a massive wall of flowing water.

Cape Jervis is also the starting point of the world-famous Heysen Trail. Skilled bushwalkers can start an arduous journey along a 1,200-kilometre track that winds through the South Australian wilderness.

Climate conditions

Cape Jervis and the surrounding areas have a comfortable temperate climate. During the summer months, you can expect warm conditions. Typical winters in the area are cool and wet. The average annual temperature of Cape Jervis is 15 degrees. On average, the area receives 548 millimetres of annual rainfall.