Clare Travel Guide

Located just 136 kilometres north of Adelaide, Clare is a convenient holiday destination in South Australia. Clare is an excellent place for romantic retreats and family getaways. With its long bushwalking trails and expansive vineyards, Clare will provide you with constant relaxation and entertainment.


In 1839, Clare was discovered by John Hill, an explorer from Europe. John Hill also charted the waters of the Wakefield and Hutt Rivers. After Hill reported the fertile soil and lucrative endowments of Clare Valley, many settlers moved into the region. Clare started as a tiny farming settlement, but it grew rapidly after it was connected to Riverton by the Spalding Railway. The town of Clare currently relies on tourism and wine-related industries for income.

Things to see and do in Clare

Clare is situated in the Clare Valley. This massive wine region produces some of the best grapes in South Australia. You can enjoy fresh riesling grapes, or you may taste delectable local wines. The wineries of Clare Valley produce a variety of popular wines, including cabernet, shiraz, and riesling. If you are not a fan of wine, enjoy a memorable picnic in a picturesque vineyard. You will be mesmerised by a gorgeous world of earthy colours while you enjoy a tasty meal of local fruits and cheeses.

If you yearn to explore the hills and forests of the Clare Valley, follow the Riesling Trail. As its name suggests, the Riesling Trail will guide you through a rural landscape of grapevines. You can also explore forests and open fields. The Riesling Trail is nine kilometres in length, and it stretches from Clare to Auburn. If you are looking for a longer adventure, walk along the Rattler Trail after you reach Auburn. The Rattler Trail is a 19-kilometre path. The Rattler and Riesling Trails follow an old railway, so you can expect terrain that is suitable for walking.

Experience the pristine wilderness areas of Clare Valley by exploring the gorgeous Spring Gully Conservation Park. This protected park covers an area of about 400 hectares. During your travels in the park, you may encounter stunning cascades and waterways. Spring Gully Conservation Park also harbors a diverse community of birds, so avian enthusiasts will be thrilled by some spectacular opportunities.

Climate conditions

Clare is frequently visited by holiday-goers who appreciate comfortable weather conditions. Clare Valley has a pleasant Mediterranean climate, so you can expect dry summers and mild winters. This area of South Australia receives about 535 millimetres of rainfall each year.