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Coorong National Park
Travel Guide – South Australia

Coorong National Park Travel Guide

Coorong National Park is place of pristine natural wonders. When you visit the untouched coastal landscapes of this protected nature reserve, you will be thrilled by diverse geographical features. The park shelters numerous habitats, including lagoons, beaches, and coves.

Things to see and to in Coorong National Park

To fully appreciate the wondrous sights and sounds of Coorong National Park, travel to the coast. If you trek to the edge of the Younghusband Peninsula, you will be rewarded with views of Encounter Bay. Named after Matthew Flinders’ historic rendezvous with Nicolas Baudin in 1802, Encounter Bay is a stunning body of water. If you gaze at the horizon, you will be mesmerised by the rhythmic flow of indigo waters. On a clear day, your eyes will also feast on the magnificent colours of an azure sky.

You may also encounter the famous Hindmarsh Island during your coastal adventures in Coorong National Park. Hindmarsh Island is surrounded by the waters of Encounter Bay and the Southern Ocean, but it is accessible via boat. Challenge yourself with a day of kayaking or sailing for an unforgettable adventure. You may unleash your inner adventure as you navigate the waters of legendary explorers. When you finally arrive at Hindmarsh Island, you will be overjoyed by golden beaches and rugged sand dunes.

Coorong National Park is a popular destination for avian enthusiasts. This park shelters a variety of rare birds, including oystercatchers, shelducks, and terns. If you enjoy watching elegant birds in their natural habitats, visit Pelican Point with a pair of trusty binoculars. You may spot pelicans during the summer months. While you can encounter migratory seabirds in the coastal areas of the park, you may witness rare local species in the marshes and forests. Coorong National Park is listed as an important bird area by BirdLife International.

Experience all of Coorong National Park’s great natural wonders by visiting Salt Creek. This area of the park is popular region that is characterised by numerous salt lakes and rugged bushwalking paths. You may travel along the Ngrugie Ngoppun Walk to learn about the historical events of the region. The Ngrugie Ngoppun Walk is a short 2.5-kilometre track, but you will witness attractive marshes, dunes, and forests. After a long day of walking, appreciate the nocturnal sounds of nature by sleeping in the pink gum forest. The camp sites of Salt Creek are secluded, so you will enjoy a peaceful evening under the stars.

If you are looking forward to a long trek that will challenge your fortitude, follow the Nukan Kungun Hike. This 25-kilometre bushwalking path will guide across rough terrain, but you will be rewarded with a sampler of the greatest features in Coorong National Park. During your cross-country journey, you may witness secluded marshes, remote beaches, and high dunes.

Learn about the exciting historical events of South Australia by exploring some of the park’s important historical sites. Chainman’s Well is a popular location that will transport you back in time to the Gold Rush. This area was occupied by Chinese miners and sailors.

Continue your adventure in this maritime wonderland by trekking to Godfrey’s Landing. Godfrey’s Landing is a beach near Murray Mouth that is suitable for swimming and other marine activities. Relax with a soothing day of sunbathing, or plunge into the refreshing waters of Encounter Bay. You may also enjoy the colourful sights of Parnka Point.