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Flinders Chase National Park
Travel Guide – South Australia

Flinders Chase National Park Travel Guide

Named after explorer Matthew Flinders, Flinders Chase National Park is a marvellous destination that will reignite your passion for exploring the wonders of Earth. This gorgeous national park is located in the western portion of Kangaroo Island. As one of the oldest protected reserves in South Australia, Flinders Chase National Park offers diverse wildlife and pristine natural views. When you explore the deepest reaches of the wilderness in this park, you will be amazed by intricate rock formations and sparkling blue waters. You may also be able to search for rare fossils and minerals.

Flinders Chase National Park shelters hundreds of rare and endangered animals. During your adventures in the park, you may encounter penguins, echidnas, goannas, and seals. The pristine forests of Flinders Chase are places of refuge for various migratory birds, so avian enthusiasts should bring a trusty pair of binoculars.

Things to see and do in Flinders Chase National Park

Before you enjoy the exhilarating activities of Flinders Chase National Park, walk along the jagged coastline to admire lovely ocean views. Your marine adventure will be filled with marvellous sights and sounds. If you climb to the edge of a tall granite cliff, you will witness a vast expanse of sapphire water.

After you bask in the glory of the ocean, enjoy a tour of Flinders Chase National Park’s spectacular landmarks. Start your grand journey across the island by visiting Remarkable Rocks. As their name suggests, these stone formations are simply incredible. These formations are covered with colourful fungi throughout the year, so your eyes will feast on a gorgeous palette of red and orange hues. Photographers regularly visit Flinders Chase National Park to capture image of Remarkable Rocks, so you can be sure that you will witness some magical sights. You will find that Remarkable Rocks have patterns and angles that are rare in the natural world.

Continue your exciting quest in Flinders Chase National Park by visiting the famous Admiral Arch. Admiral Arch is a breathtaking stone arch that has been eroded by the waters of the Southern Ocean. This legendary rock formation is massive, and it resembles a cave from the main viewing platform. After following a short boardwalk path, you will encounter a picturesque scene of limestone and granite. You may also witness the local population of New Zealand fur seals.

Complement your adventures with a peaceful day of relaxation at Flinders Chase’s golden beaches. You will experience the true meaning of serenity when the warm rays of the sun kiss your skin. This park’s beaches are fairly secluded, so you can enjoy a peaceful picnic with your companions. After you forget about the worries of modern living, plunge into the cool ocean waters. You can also enjoy exciting activities like sailing and kayaking.

If you enjoy long walks through the wilderness, follow the Ravine Hike. You will be impressed by lush foliage and the gorgeous waters of the Rocky River. This walking track has easy terrain, but you should be prepared with water, food, and sturdy bushwalking shoes.