Glenelg Travel Guide

Glenelg is a gorgeous beach suburb of Adelaide that will reward you with exciting marine activities and lovely coastal views. Located on the edge of the Adelaide Plains, Glenelg is a place that will inspire you to reconnect with the wonders of nature.

When you arrive at this popular seaside destination, you will see impressive scenes of white beaches and blue waters. Glenelg is located on the edge of Holdfast Bay, so the area has a surplus of magical sights.


Prior to the arrival of European explorers in New Holland, the Adelaide Plains were occupied by the Kaurna Aboriginal group. These indigenous Australians relied on the pleasant climate and rich marine resources of the area to survive for thousands of years. In the local indigenous language, the lands around Glenelg are known as Pattawilya.

In the 19th century, the Adelaide Plains were settled by the Europeans. After a long search for a permanent settlement, the government of South Australia decided that Glenelg would be an ideal candidate. Glenelg became an official township of South Australia in 1836. This tiny town on the edge of Holdfast Bay gradually expanded into Adelaide. Glenelg was named after Lord Glenelg of Britain. Glenelg is also the name of a shire in Scotland.

Things to see and do in Glenelg

As a famous holiday destination in South Australia, Glenelg has numerous hotels, restaurants, and modern amenities. These accommodations ensure that even city-loving travellers can comfortably enjoy the best aspects of the natural world.

While Glenelg is one of the most popular beach towns in South Australia, it has a small population of about 3,500 permanent residents. Glenelg Beach is the main attraction of Glenelg, with great views of Holdfast Bay and Gulf St. Vincent.

If you enjoy seeing gorgeous coastal sights, visit Glenelg Marina. Glenelg Marina is an upscale harbor for yachts and sailboats. This beautiful location has an aesthetically pleasing brick path that will guide you to views of the jetty and high-rise apartments.