Goolwa Travel Guide

Goolwa is a port town that is located on the Murray River in South Australia. The town is located just 83 kilometres south of Adelaide so you will find it easy to reach. Goolwa is known for its cozy historical hotels and magnificent natural wonders.

Goolwa is one of the main population centres in South Australia’s district of Mayo, but it has a modest population of approximately 2,200 people. The town’s economy has traditionally relied on shipping and fishing, but tourism has also become a source of steady income.


Goolwa means ‘the elbow’ in the local Aboriginal language of Ngarrindjeri. Before the town became an official South Australian township, it was simply referred to as the Elbow. The area is an important town for Australians of European descent, but the Ngarrindejeri people have lived in the lands surrounding the town for over 6,000 years. The Ngarrindejeri are recognised by the Australian government as the traditional landowners of Goolwa’s wilderness areas.

Things to see and do in Goolwa

The Murray River is the source of all of the lovely features of Goolwa and the surrounding wilderness. Without this massive waterway, the forests and pastoral lands could not exist. Explore the Murray River to experience the serenity of nature.

Tour marvellous sights of Coorong National Park. With an area of nearly 500 square-kilometres, Coorong National Park is a huge place that will provide you with countless opportunities for adventure and relaxation. This tranquil reserve is filled with diverse rivers and wetlands, so go on an exciting journey through the untamed wilderness. The park has both salty and fresh bodies of water, so you will explore one of the most biologically diverse areas of South Australia.

Coorong National Park – Goolwa, South Australia

View of unsealed Loop Road campground area at Coorong National Park, SA.

Coorong has numerous archaeological sites. Since the area is the traditional home of the Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal people, many tools and interesting objects have been discovered at these sights. Visit one of these important sites to learn about the history and cultures of the Aboriginal people.

For a relaxing walk in a peaceful environment, walk along the beach in Coorong National Park. The park has over 200 kilometres of pristine beaches that run from Lacepede Bay to Encounter Bay, much of them sheltered by large sand dunes. A series of lagoons is situated parallel to the dunes. These lagoons are often ideal for swimming and fishing. Coorong National Park is also a great place for watching birds. Avian enthusiasts will be joyed to hear that the area harbours over 240 species of birds.

If you enjoy exhilarating adventures, use your favourite 4WD vehicle to explore the rugged roads of the park. The park also has several untamed cycling and bushwalking tracks.

Climate conditions

Goolwa and the surrounding areas have an idyllic climate that will allow you to enjoy pleasant conditions during your holiday. On average, the monthly average temperatures range from 10 to 21 degrees. The area receives approximately 383 millimetres of annual rainfall.