Mount Gambier Travel Guide

Mount Gambier is a large city in South Australia that attracts thousands of tourists each year. Situated on the Limestone Coast, the lands around Mount Gambier shelter caves, sinkholes, cliffs, craters, and lakes. These unique sedimentary and igneous rock formations are often complemented with lush foliage, so be prepared to encounter an earthly palette of vibrant colours.

While Mount Gambier will amaze you with its otherworldly views, the city is easy to access from most Australian cities. Mount Gambier is located just 450 kilometres southeast of Adelaide, and during your journey across the Limestone Coast you will be thrilled by scenic ocean views and magnificent cliffs.

Things to see and do in Mount Gambier

Begin your ultimate journey in the wilderness of South Australia by climbing to the top of Mount Gambier. The city is the namesake of this rugged mountain. Mount Gambier is an inactive volcano that erupted several times in the distant past. The summit of Mount Gambier is only 200 metres above sea level, but it is known for its treacherous terrain. You should be prepared with food, water, and sturdy walking shoes before you climb the slopes of this gorgeous landmark.

When you finally reach the highest point of Mount Gambier, your breath will be taken away by stunning views of Valley Lake Crater. Valley Lake Crater is a young lake that has existed for about 5,000 years. This body of water is situated in a volcanic crater that was formed by an eruption of Mount Gambier. Valley Lake Crater is an important source of water for plants and animals in the area.

The regionally famous Cave Gardens have several rose exhibits that will help you forget about the worries of modern living. Smell the aromas of roses and wildflowers, and enjoy a pleasant picnic here amongst nature.

Continue your adventures near Mount Gambier at the Umpherston Sinkhole. The Umpherston Sinkhole is a natural hole in the ground that formed due to seismic activity. This collapsed area is now covered with some of South Australia’s most attractive native plants. You will be impressed by the area’s lush green foliage and colourful flowers.

Stimulate your senses by traveling to Mount Gambier’s Blue Lake. With its strikingly beautiful azure waters, Blue Lake is one of South Australia’s most iconic attractions. The waters of this crater lake curiously transition from blue to grey as summer fades to winter. After you have appreciated the gorgeous views of Mount Gambier, walk along the 3.6-kilometre Blue Lake walking track to see high cliffs and unique igneous formations.