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Murray River National Park
Travel Guide – South Australia

Murray River National Park Travel Guide

Murray River National Park is a conservation area in South Australia that is well-known for its pristine environment and beautiful views. The park is located 180 kilometres northeast of Adelaide, and the nearest town is Berri.

Murray River National Park offers a plethora of opportunities for relaxation and quiet exploration. It covers a total area of 13,000 hectares and is divided into three regions: Katarapko, Lyrup Flats, and Bulyong Island. Unlike the arid regions of South Australia, this national park consists mainly of forested wetlands.

Things to see and do in Murray River National Park

Begin your grand adventure through Murray River National Park by exploring the floodplains of Katarapko. These wetlands are covered with lush vegetation, so come prepared to a see an environment that is filled with life. In addition to aquatic vegetation, wildflowers cover the open fields of Katarapko during the summer months. This region of Murray River National Park has many photo-worthy sights, and you will be amazed by the area’s diversity.

After you tour the main wetlands of Katarapko, use your kayak or canoe to explore the waters of Katarapko Creek. This waterway sprawls deep into the forested areas of Murray River National Park. Go on an adventure that will pique your curiosity by exploring the mysteries of Katarapko’s forest. You may notice that the waters of Katarapko Creek are inhabited by a diverse community of fish. Some species are protected in the park, so ensure that you have the required permits before you cast a line into the water.


Murray River National Park

Sunset reflection over River Murray, SA.

After you complete your aquatic adventure, tour the edge of the creek by following the Ngak Indau. The Ngak Indau is a walking trail that will show you some of the most beautiful birds in the area. The trail runs parallel to a body of gently flowing water, so take some time to relax as you listen to the serenity of nature.

Continue your experience at Murray River National Park by visiting the Lyrup Flats. The Lyrup Flats are located on the northern side of the Murray River. Take a walk through the forest, and lookout for birds. After you have appreciated the views of Lyrup Flats, test your fishing skills by targeting some of the area’s challenging freshwater species. Restore your energy after a long day by camping, and listen to the music of the area’s nocturnal creatures.

Take a ferry from Lyrup Flats to Bulyong Island. Bulyong Island is one of the best areas in the park for observing wildlife. You’ll build unforgettable memories when you see the island’s magnificent parrots, pelicans, and emus. In the open areas of Bulyong Island, you may also encounter a western grey kangaroo. Complete your adventure on Bulyong Island by touring remote waterways with a kayak or small boat.