Port Lincoln Travel Guide

Port Lincoln is an amazing seaside city on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Situated next to Boston Bay, Port Lincoln will provide you with picturesque views of the South Australia. If you travel by car or bus, Port Lincoln is located 646 kilometres from Adelaide. Port Lincoln has an airport that receives regular flights from Adelaide, so the city can also be accessed by air.

Port Lincoln is known as the seafood capital of Australia and, due to income from the agriculture, fishing, and food industries, the city has exceptional public goods and modern amenities. If you would like to escape these modern perks for an adventure through the wilderness, simply step outside of the city. From lovely rocky coastlines to isolated islands, the Eyre Peninsula has several important parks and nature reserves that shelter diverse flora and fauna.


The areas around Port Lincoln may be isolated, but they have a rich history. The Eyre Peninsula is home to the descendants of the Nauo, Barngarla, Wirangu, and Mirning Aboriginal groups. These Aboriginal people have lived in the area for thousands of years. Numerous archaeological digs near Port Lincoln have uncovered artifacts from these ancient cultures. After living in solitude for nearly 40,000 years, the Aboriginal people of the Eyre Peninsula were discovered by Europeans in 1802. After Europeans discovered the peninsula’s important economic endowments, Port Lincoln was established in 1839.

Things to see and do in Port Lincoln

Port Lincoln is surrounded by incredible national parks that will amaze you with views of sparkling waters, sheer cliffs, and impressive natural areas. Begin your tour of the wilderness by visiting Lincoln National Park. Lincoln National Park is a protected wilderness area that is located 10 kilometres south of Port Lincoln. The park is situated on the Jussieu Peninsula, an area of diverse geological features. You may also see sand dunes that shelter the beaches from rugged terrain. For a memorable tour of Port Lincoln, walk along the Pillie Lake to Stamford Hill track. This bushwalking track will take you on a 11.6-kilometre journey that will show you diverse natural habitats. Your amazing journey will end at Proper Bay, a stunning area with pristine waters. During your adventure, you may encounter a variety of creatures. Some of the most common fauna in the area are goannas, sea lions, bush stone curlew, and waterfowl.

Coffin Bay – Port Lincoln, South Australia

One of the many picturesque and deserted beaches along the eastern coastline of Coffin Bay National Park. Coffin Bay National Park is located at the tip of the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia near the coastal town of Port Lincoln.

Continue your exciting quest at Coffin Bay National Park. Covering an area of 309 square-kilometres, Coffin Bay is a massive park. Explore the Coastal Bay Peninsula, and find steep coastal dunes and untouched wetlands. Relax on a pearly white beach while you watch ospreys and sea eagles.

Climate conditions

Port Lincoln has a semi-arid climate, so you can enjoy comfortable conditions throughout the year. During the summer months, weather conditions are often hot and dry. Winters usually bring mild and wet conditions. Throughout the year, the area receives about 390 millimetres of rainfall.