Port Pirie Travel Guide

If you enjoy magnificent coastal views and exciting activities, visit Port Pirie. Port Pirie is a large seaside town that will amaze you with its gorgeous sights, enlightening cultural exhibits, and fascinating history. You will certainly appreciate the peaceful atmosphere of Port Pirie and the surrounding areas. While Port Pirie has a population of about 14,000 permanent residents, you will be impressed by serene beaches and relaxing wilderness areas.


Prior to the arrival of European explorers in the 19th century, the wilderness areas near Spencer Gulf were occupied by the Nukunu Aboriginal people. The Nukunu Aborigines were resilient people who relied on the marine resources of the area to survive. In 1802, the lands near Spencer Gulf were charted by Matthew Flinders. Flinders never landed on Port Pirie, but he paved the way for other explorers. After several surveying expeditions, Europeans settled Port Pirie in 1845. The arid landscapes of the coastal plain limited the economic growth of the seaport, so Port Pirie did not become an official city until 1876. After the discovery of the metal deposits at Broken Hill, several important metal refineries were created in Port Pirie. Today, Port Pirie is the site of the largest smelter in the world. The modern economy of Port Pirie also relies on the transportation, tourism, agriculture, and retail industries.

Things to see and do in Port Pirie

Port Pirie is situated on the coastal plain between Spencer Gulf and the Flinders Ranges, so you will have plenty of opportunities to encounter diverse plants and animals. Explore the wilderness areas near the city to see diverse birds, mammals, and reptiles. Port Pirie is located in a unique transitional climate zone, so you can spot many kinds of plants.

Experience the untouched wilderness areas near Port Pirie by visiting Mount Remarkable National Park. This pristine nature reserve is frequently visited by lovers of colourful natural scenes, so prepare to be amazed by a world of awe-inspiring geological formations. For an unforgettable experience, walk along the stone paths of Alligator Gorge. This area of the park has narrow passageways that will guide you through a gorge of beautiful red cliffs and sedimentary deposits.

Mount Remarkable National Park is the premier location for bushwalking in the Greater Port Pirie area. You can also celebrate your holiday by exploring the waters of Pirie River with a kayak.

Climate conditions

Port Pirie and other locations near Spencer Gulf have a semi-arid climate. Port Pirie receives comfortable weather conditions throughout the year. You can expect mild winters and hot summers. The average annual high temperature of Port Pirie is 25 degrees. This area receives about 350 millimetres of rainfall each year.