Robe Travel Guide

Robe is an important port town in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia. With a population of approximately 1,500 people, the town is a serene place throughout the year. Robe is surrounded by lovely marine scenery; you will be amazed by charming blue waters and impressive rocky cliffs. Situated on the southern coast of Guichen Bay, Robe is just 337 kilometres southeast of Adelaide.


Robe is located in a remote area of South Australia, but the town has a rich history. Founded during colonial times, Robe has been an important location for the economy of Australia. Due to its close proximity to the Southern Ocean and major shipping lanes, Robe was established as one of South Australia’s first seaports. In 1847, the town was officially declared to be a shipping port by the South Australian government. While this caused many people to pass through Robe, the port received heavy traffic during the Victorian Gold Rush. There are many unique historical buildings near Robe that will teach you about these events.

Today, Robe is no longer important for shipping. The modern economy of Robe is supported by the fishing industry. Lobsters and fish are the most important exports of the town. Due to the area’s increasing popularity, Robe’s tourism industry is also growing.

Things to see and do in Robe

Experience the fusion of sea and earth at some of the greatest locations in the Limestone Coast. If you enjoy awe-inspiring views of sheer cliffs and pristine waters, go to Guichen Bay Conservation Park. Located just eight kilometres north of Robe, Guichen Bay is a protected area with diverse flora and fauna. Walk across the rugged fields of boulders that shelter the coast to see intricate geological features. You will be amazed by gargantuan rock formations that extend into the depths of Guichen Bay. After you have appreciated the unique formations, explore the wide beaches on a sunny day. Robe also has several walking tracks that will allow you to test your strength and endurance while you tour the coast.

Lake Butler – Robe, South Australia

Beautiful view of pink sky over Lake Butler boat marina during sunset in Robe, SA.

For an exhilarating 4WD adventure, go to Mount Benson. Experience the feeling of liberation as you drive your favorite vehicle across rugged terrain. You will see beautiful ocean views, but you can also travel through dark forests. Mount Benson is an ideal place to enjoy the wonderful sunsets of the Limestone Coast.

Appreciate the various lakes of the Limestone Coast by visiting Little Dip Conservation Park. Located five kilometres south of Robe, Little Dip Conservation shelters a several small lakes that were once used by the Boandik Aboriginal people. Unleash your desire for adventure by exploring these hidden gems with a kayak.

Enjoy the purity of nature by traveling to the Lake Hawdon System Important Bird Area. This area protects a variety of rare birds, including red-necked stints and sharp-tailed sandpipers. Reflect on your journey through the wilderness as the area’s serene surroundings soothes your senses.

Climate conditions

Robe and the surrounding areas have a pleasant temperate climate that will allow you to enjoy comfortable conditions throughout the year. The average monthly temperatures of this area range from 8 to 23 degrees. Robe receives approximately 631 millimetres of annual rainfall.