Streaky Bay Travel Guide

Streaky Bay is a scenic coastal town in South Australia. The town offers unforgettable ocean views and rural landscapes. With a population of approximately 1,100 people, Streaky Bay is quiet and peaceful.

While Streaky Bay is remote, it is easy to access. The town is located near Flinders Highway on the western edge of the Eyre Peninsula. Streaky Bay is 727 kilometres away from Adelaide. If you do not enjoy road trips, you may be able to fly to nearby Ceduna from Adelaide’s commercial airport. While tourism is growing in Streaky Bay, the town’s economy is supported primarily by the fishing and agriculture industries.


The area around Streaky Bay has been occupied by Aboriginal people for thousands of years. When you explore untouched areas of the wilderness, you may encounter the remains of old villages and cooking mounds. The Aboriginal people lived in isolation until the age of European exploration. In the 19th century, Matthew Flinders named the area Streaky Bay. According to historical records, Flinders gave the area this name because of the colourful lines of oil that adorned the surface of the water. Marine biologists have discovered that this phenomenon is caused by seaweed on the bay’s floor. People of European descent used the land near Streaky Bay for agricultural purposes, but the area did not become an official town until 1872.

Things to see and do in Streaky Bay

Streaky Bay is surrounded by a world of opportunities for exploration and discovery. Tour the area, and feel the sense of amazement that Matthew Flinders felt when he explored Streaky Bay during the 19th century. Streaky Bay is a geographically diverse area with wetlands, sheer cliffs, lagoons, and surf beaches. Begin your adventure through the area by finding some of the greatest views of the Great Australian Bight.

Drive along the 31-kilometre Westall Way Loop to discover memorable locations in the western portion of the Eyre Peninsula. This loop begins at Point Westall, an area with magnificent views of sacred blue waters. This area was named after a famous landscape painter, so be prepared to admire breathtaking marine scenery.

Go to Highcliffs to see towering seastacks. This area also offers inspiring views of the Southern Ocean, so take some time to gaze at the horizon as you feel the cool breeze wisp across your face.

If you are in need of some excitement, go to Yanerbie Beach. Yanerbie Beach is a sandy area with plenty of opportunities for fun. Use your 4WD vehicle to drive across rugged terrain, or travel across the clear waters with a kayak.