Devonport Travel Guide

Australians who appreciate the simple beauties of the sea and the sand will immediately fall in love with Devonport. Devonport is a port city in the North West region of Tasmania. While Tasmania is not connected to the continent of Australia, Devonport can be easily accessed from Melbourne. Visitors can choose to take a ship, or you can reach the city via plane.

Devonport has a population of less than 30,000 people, but visitors regularly pass through the city. This popular city is well-known for its gourmet eateries and cultural attractions, but its most amazing destinations are located in natural areas nearby.

Things to see and do in Devonport

If you arrive in Devonport by road or air, you will be captivated by a vast expanse of blue water. From the port, you can enjoy a sailing tour of the area on the Julie Burgess. The Julie Burgess is a fully functional historic sailing vessel that relies entirely on the power of the wind. Travel back in time to the early years of European exploration as you navigate the Bass Strait under sail.

The waters near Devonport are also suitable for fishing. Fish from the beach, or use a vessel to reach some of the best spots in Bass Strait. While there are many challenging targets in Bass Strait, you may also enjoy fishing in the freshwater streams and rivers in the nearby wilderness. Bring your favourite fly rod to test your luck with catching trout and bream.

Devonport, Tasmania

Young man watching the Bass Strait in Devonport, Tasmania.

For some relaxation go to Bluff Beach. Bluff Beach is Devonport’s most popular place for swimming, tanning, and water-sports. Enjoy the feeling of warm sand as you appreciate scenic views of the sea. After a picnic on the beach, listen to the waves crash on the jetties before you drift into a well-deserved nap.

Once you are refreshed, take a long walk to Mersey Bluff Lighthouse. This is a historical attraction that is near a rewarding vista of Bass Strait.