King Island Travel Guide

King Island is a paradise for lovers of fresh seafood and nature. Located in the Bass Strait, King Island is the northernmost landmass in Tasmania. When you visit King Island, you will be impressed by serene ocean views that are accompanied by the steady rhythm of crashing waves. After you have spent some time enjoying the seaside views, trek across the island’s rugged natural environment, or relax on one of the numerous sandy beaches.

Things to see and do on King Island

King Island is covered with over a dozen trails. During your journeys across King Island, keep an eye out for beautiful pastures, pristine beaches, and large forests. Begin your trek across King Island on the Shannon Shipwreck trail. This trail will lead you to the Shannon, a beached ship that is buried in the shore of the island. During your trek along Shannon Shipwreck trail, you will cross the Yellow Rock River. This river is not wide, but you must ford the river to continue your walk to the Shannon. At this portion of the trail, the Yellow Rock River’s depth can reach 80 centimetres.

After you finish trekking Shannon Shipwreck trail, head over to Martha Lavinia to enjoy the cool waters. Martha Lavinia often has large swells, so it is a suitable place for surfing and similar sports. When you are ready to return to the trails, go to Penny’s Lagoon Loop. Located north of the Pass River, Penny’s Lagoon is an excellent location for a variety of activities, including swimming, fishing, and picnicking. During the evenings, you may be able to catch a glimpse of wallabies near the lagoon’s edge. After you have explored this peaceful lagoon, go to the nearby beach to catch salmon. This beach is also a popular place to hunt for shells. Penny’s Lagoon Loop is only 1.6 kilometres in length.

King Island, Tasmania

Cattle in the pasture on King Island. King Island is located in Bass Strait between the mainland of Australia and the island state of Tasmania.

If you have the urge to test your fortitude, trek the Cape Wickham to Victoria Cove trail. Near the lighthouse, you can challenge yourself with a steep 500-meter climb. This area is a popular location for archaeology and historical research, so keep an eye out for the ruins of an old settlement village. After seeing the historical landmarks of Cape Wickham, trek south for two kilometres to reach Victoria Cove. You will be rewarded with stunning scenery of coastal vegetation and Bass Strait.

Venture into the remote areas of King Island by entering the rain forests. With lush green surroundings, these forests are peaceful locations that will allow you to reflect on your happy adventures. If you travel silently, you may also encounter rare wildlife. Colourful parrots and platypus are known to inhabit the forests of King Island.