Mole Creek Travel Guide

Mole Creek is a popular holiday town in northern Tasmania’s Mersey Valley. The town is located 228 kilometres north of Hobart, and it is surrounded by vast wilderness areas. Mole Creek is a rural area, so you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the charming aspects of an agricultural society. Taste Mole Creek’s delicious local honey, or walk across a dirt road to enjoy lovely views of the countryside. In addition to the simple pleasures of the country, you will also be impressed by legendary sights of mountains, forests, and bogs.


This area has many of the charming aesthetics that you would expect from a rural county in England, but Mole Creek’s history will give you a global perspective. Prior to the arrival of European settlers, Tasmania was occupied by the Aboriginal people. These people have lived off Tasmania’s lands for over 35,000 years. The lands around Mole Creek were occupied by the Pallittorre Aborigines. According to carbon dating and anthropological research, the Pallittorre Aboriginal people have lived near Mole Creek for approximately 10,000 years.

In the 19th century, the Aboriginal people finally made contact with Europeans. Unfortunately, a series of brief conflicts broke about between the settlers of Mole Creek and the native inhabitants. Mole Creek was eventually occupied by a sizable group of farmers and former convicts. Mole Creek has several historical exhibits that explain the history of its early settlers.

Things to see and do in Mole Creek

Start your exciting holiday through the wilderness by visiting Mole Creek Karst National Park. This legendary conservation area is a World Heritage site that is filled with stunningly beautiful natural assets. With a total area of 1,345 hectares, Mole Creek Karst National Park has many exciting secrets that are just waiting to be discovered. The park is situated between the towering Great Western Tiers and the town of Mole Creek. Mole Creek Karst National Park is a land of caverns, sinkholes, and diverse geological wonders. When you explore the park, you will be overwhelmed by awe-inspiring cliffs, craggy peaks, and mysterious subterranean labyrinths. Geological reports state that the park has over 300 caves.

Mole Creek Cave – Mole Creek, Tasmania

Mole Creek caves in northern Tasmania.

Visit Mole Creek Karst National Park’s King Solomon’s Cave to be amazed by a spacious underground world. Explore this natural vault to see massive stalagmites, or learn about the geological history of the area with a touring party. If you are looking to take your caving adventure to the next level, travel to Marakoopa.

Marakoopa is the most popular cavern in the park. This underground area is sheltered by a dense forest, and the interior is well-preserved. Take some time to admire the gargantuan rock formations before you gaze at the display of glow-worms.

After you explore the amazing areas of the wilderness, tour one of the town’s honey farms. Enjoy some local honey on a warm piece of fresh bread before you visit iconic places like Wychwood Garden and the Walls of Jerusalem.