New Norfolk Travel Guide

New Norfolk is a major regional town situated on the Derwent River in Southeast Tasmania. Located 32 kilometres northwest of Tasmania’s capital, New Norfolk is easy to reach. The town has a growing population of approximately of 6,000 people and has all of the modern amenities and cultural attractions that you would expect from a large town. While New Norfolk has kept up with the times, the town still has its unique historical vibes. History buffs often visit the city to see its important churches and hotels. Many of these structures have been standing since the 19th century.


New Norfolk was founded in 1808 when European pioneers moved to Tasmania from Norfolk Island. The early settlers of New Norfolk relied on the rich lands around their homes to farm grains, fruits, and vegetables. Eventually, they began to raise farm animals. The people of New Norfolk were self-sufficient for the first decade of the settlement’s existence. As early as 1818, a road connected New Norfolk to Hobart, and the small settlement grew rapidly. Today, the city’s economy relies primarily on agriculture and tourism.

Things to see and do in New Norfolk

Explore the vast lands around New Norfolk to be impressed by a picturesque world of adventurous possibilities. Kick your adventure off on a high note by visiting Mount Field National Park. Mount Field National Park is a massive area of wilderness that is characterised by glacial lakes, towering mountains, and dense forests. On a clear day, your eyes will feast on a lush green world that is guarded by an azure sky.

Mt Field National Park – New Norfolk, Tasmania

Admiring the view at Horseshoe Falls, Mt Field National Park, Tasmania.

After you have absorbed your first sights of Mount Field National Park, bushwalk to Russell Falls. The track that leads to Russell Falls is fairly smooth, so bushwalkers of all ages and experience levels can easily reach the destination. When you arrive at Russell Falls, you will be amazed by a massive cascade that pours over an awe-inspiring rock escarpment. When you listen to the constant barrage of water, the stresses of your responsibilities will simply evaporate from your mind.

Continue your grand journey through the wilderness by climbing to the summit of Mount Field. This high mountain will challenge your bush skills and strength, but you will be rewarded with a panoramic view of one of Australia’s most pristine landscapes.