Orford Travel Guide

Orford is a picturesque town on the eastern coast of Tasmania. The town is located just 73 kilometres northeast of Hobart. Orford is situated near the mouth of the Prosser River, and it is surrounded by rural landscapes. You will be amazed by quaint pastures and eucalyptus forests that adorn the lands near Orford. This town is a peaceful place that is suitable for holiday getaways throughout the year. With a tiny population of approximately 600 people, Orford will surely help you escape the noisy disturbances of modern living.


In addition to amazing rural views and cosy surroundings, Orford has an interesting history. Orford was founded in 1831 by Edward Wapole, a wealthy settler. Wapole named the town after an estate in London. After its establishment, Orford became a minor hub for shipping. The port’s main imports were convicts who were transported to Maria Island, but the area was also important for the fishing and lumber industries. Farmers attempted to settle the area, but they quickly discovered that the soil in the area was poor and unsuitable for most European crops. Orford now relies on the wine and tourism industries for income.

Things to see and do in Orford

Embark on your relaxing journey near Orford by visiting a pristine beach. Rasping Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. This popular beach has lovely white sands that are nurtured by the gentle tides of the ocean. Take some time to admire the vast sparkling waters before you enjoy a quiet day of reflection on the warm sand. During the busy travel months of December and January, you can visit Orford’s Millingons and Spring Beaches for solitude.

After you have recuperated from your long journey to Orford, visit Darlington Vineyards. Darlington Vineyards is a massive farm that produces grapes for wineries. Soothe your soul by walking among the vines before you sample some of the area’s delectable wines. You may also enjoy a picnic in the charming rural atmosphere with your companions.

Bushwalk along the Convict Trail to appreciate the historic scenery of Orford and the surrounding areas. This lovely trail has smooth terrain, but it will test your endurance. Admire the picturesque scenery of the Prosser River as you walk along the tall cliffs that overlook the area.

Trek through the Wielangta Forest to encounter the diverse wonders of nature. This well-preserved forest has various bird species and lush plants, so your eyes will be rewarded with amazing sights. Climb to Thumbs Lookout to experience an unforgettable panoramic view of Orford and the coast.

Use a sea kayak to explore the waters of Mercury Passage. Feel the rhythmic flow of the waves as the cool water of the ocean splashes onto your face. If you are looking for a true challenge, fish for some of the area’s exciting game targets. You may encounter trumpeter, trevally and other species.

Climate conditions

Orford has a pleasant oceanic climate. During the summer months, you can expect warm and sunny conditions. The average summer temperatures in Orford tend to fluctuate between 10 and 22 degrees. Orford’s winter conditions are usually mild, but you can expect chilly temperatures as low as 4 degrees. Since Orford is a coastal town, chilly ocean winds can make the area feel quite cold.