Richmond Travel Guide

Richmond is beautiful town known for its rich history and quaint rural attractions. Located just 23 kilometres northeast of Hobart, Richmond is easily accessible from most areas in Tasmania. The town of Richmond is situated between the Midland and Tasman Highways, so the area is a suitable base for adventures in eastern Tasmania.


Richmond is filled with Georgian architecture. With over 50 historical buildings, Richmond is an excellent destination for lovers of history. You will have plenty of opportunities to learn about the unique history of Tasmania’s European settlers. Richmond was founded as a military outpost during the 19th century, and it had one of the largest prisons in Tasmania. The city’s iconic Richmond Bridge was constructed in 1823 by convicts. While Richmond was an important area for the government of Tasmania, it has never been heavily populated. Today, the small town is supported by tourism and agriculture.

Things to see and do in Richmond

Begin your adventure in Richmond by visiting the Coal River. The Coal River is a pristine waterway that is characterised by sparkling waters and clean shores of green grass. The temperate climate of eastern Tasmania supports a diverse community of plants, so you will be awed by the lush borders of this majestic river. Swim in the pure water of the Coal River to rejuvenate your senses before you challenge the wilderness on your kayak. Feel a true sense of liberation as you navigate your boat to isolated coves. You may encounter a variety of birds and animals in the trees near the shore. Complete your river adventure by enjoying a peaceful picnic with your companions.

Richmond Bridge – Richmond, Tasmania

The Richmond San Rafael Bridge built in 1823 is the oldest stone span bridge in Australia. Located 25 kilometres north of Hobart in the town of Richmond in Tasmania, Australia.

Visit the Coal River Valley to experience some of the greatest vineyards in Tasmania. Walk among the rows of grapes as you feel the warm rays of the sun soothe your skin. A long walk in the vineyards is an excellent way to relax after a long day of exploration, so do not be afraid to meditate in one of Richmond’s most serene places. After a refreshing walk, sample some of the area’s fine wines.

After you have enjoy Richmond’s immediate surroundings, travel to the Tasman Peninsula to appreciate the wondrous views of Waterfall Bay. Walk along the famous Tasman Coastal Trail to reach Tasman National Park. Keep an eye out for rare avian species and stunning rock formations.

Climate conditions

Richmond and the surrounding areas have a lovely climate that attracts thousands of visitors each year. The temperate climate tends to bring dry conditions during the summer months. The average summer temperatures range from 11 to 21 degrees. You can expect temperatures between 5 and 12 degrees during the winter months. Winds from the Southern Ocean can bring significant chills to the area, so you should come prepared with a light jacket and several layers of clothing.