Triabunna Travel Guide

Triabunna is a tiny coastal town that is situated on Spring Bay in eastern Tasmania. Located just 84 kilometres northeast of Hobart, you can easily access Triabunna by following the Tasman Highway. If you live on Australia’s mainland, you may fly to the airport in Hobart before completing your journey. When you arrive in Triabunna, you will be amazed by magnificent sights of Spring Bay and other large bodies of water. The shimmering waters and mountainous guardians that watch over Triabunna are certainly sights for sore eyes. Triabunna is also close to Orford, a historical town with lovely architecture.


Triabunna is known for its close proximity to amazing natural attractions, but it also has some interesting historical features. Triabunna was founded in 1830 as a military outpost. It was an important location for processing convicts to the prison of Maria Island. The town of Triabunna is also tied to the culture of the local Aboriginal people. In the local Aboriginal language, Triabunna is the name for the Tasmanian hen.

Things to see and do in Triabunna

With its diverse landscapes and vast bodies of water, Triabunna is an excellent base for adventures in eastern Tasmania. Regardless of whether you enjoy long adventures in the wilderness or relaxing days on the beach, you will be satisfied by the natural areas near Triabunna.

For an awe-inspiring holiday adventure, visit Maria Island National Park. This World Heritage site is a magical nature sanctuary that will fill you with joy. Start your adventure by exploring the lush forests that overwhelm the landscapes of Maria Island National Park. If you walk towards the shore, you will eventually stumble upon a massive beach that is flanked by greenery and blue water. On a sunny day, you will be amazed by a vast expanse of sparkling water that rests beneath an azure sky. Enjoy the soothing massage of sand beneath your feet before you dive into incoming waves.

Maria Island National Park – Triabunna, Tasmania

Beautiful beach views at the Maria Island National Park.

Maria Island National Park is also an excellent location for a kayaking adventure. Paddle across the glass-like waters of the ocean to feel a true sense of freedom. If you follow the island’s shoreline, you will see impressive views of dense foliage and tall cliffs.

If you are looking for a rewarding overland adventure, walk along the Reservoir Circuit. The Reservoir Circuit is an easy track that will guide you through a dark eucalyptus forest. You may encounter numerous avian and marsupial species. Continue your adventure at the Fossil Cliffs. The Fossil Cliffs are limestone formations that have well-preserved fossils of ancient creatures. You may not take any of these fossils with you, but you can capture some amazing images of the creatures of past ages.

Stimulate your senses by visiting the Painted Cliffs. Located on the edge of Hopground Beach, the Painted Cliffs are expansive formations of colourful sandstone. The gold and red hues of these cliffs are truly beautiful, so you will certainly be amazed.