Apollo Bay Travel Guide

Apollo Bay is a popular tourist destination, but it is one of the quieter seaside towns in Victoria. When you travel to Apollo Bay for your holiday retreat, you will enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of a cozy ocean town.

During the peak of the tourist season, Apollo Bay hosts several famous music festivals. Apollo Bay has a population of 1,095 people, so the town is not very lively during the winter months – although there are some great cafes and restaurants along the waterfront, so do stop there if you’re passing through.

Things to see and do in Apollo Bay

Situated at the northern end of Apollo Bay is Marriner’s Lookout and visitors will be treated to stunning panoramic views of the area from this scenic viewpoint. It takes around fifteen minutes to walk to the viewpoint from the heart of the town and visitors should allow plenty of time to soak up the scenery.

Apollo Bay, Victoria

People in the park of the Apollo Bay village near the Great Ocean Road.

Visitors who truly want to get back to nature for a while should take the time to follow the trail that leads through the forest to Marriner’s Falls. It takes around twenty minutes to reach this stunning cascade of water and a special track on the very edge of the falls allows visitors to get close to the dramatic rocky outcrop.

Taking a walk through the rainforest to Maits Rest is a great way to discover some of the area’s rich fauna and flora. A boardwalk leads the way through the forest and offers lucky visitors the chance to spot the rare black Otway snail, while glow worms illuminate the trail after dark.

Just a short drive from Apollo Bay is Cape Otway Lightstation, which is the oldest lighthouse in the whole of Australia. The light at the top of the tower has been in constant operation since the middle of the 19th century and visitors are treated to stunning coastal views from this lofty vantage point.

Those who want the chance to experience Apollo Bay and the surrounding area in a whole new way can take one of the special 12 Apostles Flight Adventures tours. Visitors will be able to view the whole of Apollo Bay from the air as well as nearby Cape Otway, the Lighthouse, Dinosaur Cove and the stunning Otway Rainforests.

People who have plenty of stamina and want to explore the area on foot can follow the Great Ocean Walk, which starts in Apollo Bay. While the trail runs for more than a hundred kilometres, there are several scenic coastal towns where visitors can spend the night along the way as well as picturesque viewpoints to pause at.

Climate conditions

Most tourists visit Apollo Bay in the summer months, but the area has a pleasant climate throughout the entire year. On average, Apollo Bay receives 890 millimetres of annual rainfall. Summers are warm, and winters are usually cool to cold. If you prefer isolated environments with minimal distractions from other travellers, visit Apollo Bay during the winter months.