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Bright is a cosy town in the Ovens Valley area of Victoria. Located 321 kilometres northeast of Melbourne, Bright is an area that Victorians can easily reach for a weekend getaway. When you arrive in the town of Bright, you will be mesmerised by the beautiful alpine scenery. Be amazed by the rolling hills, forests, and towering mountains. The area around Bright is also home to several lovely rivers and streams.

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Things to do in Bright

Keen cyclists can climb on their bikes and use peddle power to follow the picturesque Murray to Mountains Rail Trail. This is a great way to discover the intense and diverse natural beauty of Bright while getting fit and having fun and there is a wide range of different types of trails that are suitable for cyclists of all experience levels.

Mount Buffalo National Park – Bright, Victoria

Lookout at Mount Buffalo National Park.

Taking a horse tour of Bright with Bogong Horseback Adventures offers visitors the opportunity to explore the area in a whole new way. rides last from just two hours to several days and visitors can arrange a special trip to cover all of the area’s most enchanting natural landmarks.

With its diverse landscape and rich range of flora and fauna, Mt Buffalo National Park is one of the oldest national parks in the whole of Australia. There are plenty of excellent hiking and rambling trails for visitors to follow here that lead up dramatic hills to provide stunning panoramic views, while the area also comes complete with its own skiing school.

Boasting ten of the highest mountains in the state of Victoria, Alpine National Park is the ideal place for mountain climbers to explore. The area also boasts several gentle walking trails that lead through pretty areas such as the Bogong High Plains and the enchanting Kiewa Valley.

Two large reservoirs can be found at Bakers Gully Reserve and this is a great place to pause to enjoy a picnic while exploring the area. People who want to indulge in a spot of fishing while exploring the area will find that this is a great place to catch trout, while the area is also home to large groups of platypus and tortoises.

Bright this week


In addition to amazing natural views, Bright has a comfortable climate that makes the area a wonderful holiday destination. The summers months are usually warm and sunny, and winter months are often cold. Snowfall and frosts are common during the winter. On average, Bright receives about 1,075 millimetres of rainfall each year.


Bright was discovered during the 19th century when an expedition team stumbled across a clearing in the rugged alpine environment of Ovens Valley. Although Bright existed with a small population during its early years of existence, it gained quite a bit of popularity during the Victorian gold rush. After the discovery of gold deposits, miners from across the world flocked to Bright. When the gold deposits diminished, Bright’s inhabitants steadily left the town. Today, Bright has few natural resources and economic endowments. The town’s main industry is tourism.

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