Daylesford Travel Guide

Daylesford is a popular destination in the state of Victoria. Located 115 kilometres northwest of Melbourne, Daylesford is easy to reach for extended weekend holidays. This journey along the Western Freeway takes slightly more than an hour.

As a small town with approximately 3,000 permanent residents, Daylesford is rather quiet. In the past, Daylesford was a busy town with an important gold mine. After the gold was extracted from the mine, Daylesford lost its economic value. While there are few business prospects in Daylesford, many tourists visit the town for the natural attractions in the surrounding areas.

When you visit Daylesford, you will have opportunities to enjoy lovely mountains, forests, and natural springs. The lands around Daylesford are fertile, so various farms and award-winning vineyards are located in the region.

Things to see and do in Daylesford

Go to Hepburn Springs to soothe your muscles with warm pure water from a mineral spring. Forget about the worries of modern living as you enjoy the pleasant massage of hot water on your skin.

After you have become accustomed to Daylesford, travel to Lake Daylesford for a day of excitement near the water. Enjoy the crisp air as you gaze upon the peaceful views of the lake. You will feel a sense of peacefulness as you observe the glass-like water and dense vegetation. An easy walking path follows the edge of Lake Daylesford, so spend some time admiring the lake from numerous vantage points. For a brief adventure, use a kayak or canoe to tour the lake.


Lake Daylesford – Daylesford, VIctoria

Lake Daylesford with the blue skies.

To enjoy some impressive panoramic views of rural landscapes, climb to the summit of Mount Piper. The paths of Mount Piper have easy terrain, but you will need a bit of endurance to reach the summit without taking breaks. Go to Lederderg State Park to embark on an exhilarating journey through the wilderness. You can enjoy lovely views of mountains and rolling landscapes as you enjoy a picnic from an overlook. If you would like to tour the area around Daylesford at a fast pace, bring a mountain bike to race along a cycling track.

The Great Dividing Trail offers impressive views of mountainous landscapes, and it is quite long. To complete this track, you will need several days of water and provisions. Complete your impressive journey by visiting Hanging Rock. Hanging Rock is a magnificent rock formation at the end of a difficult trail.

Climate conditions

The climate of Daylesford is cool and wet. The average temperature of the area ranges from 7 to 15 degrees. Daylesford receives an average of 870 millimetres of rainfall each year, and it receives regular snowfall during the winter months.