Echuca Travel Guide

Echuca is a quiet town situated that is situated on the banks of the Murray and Campaspe Rivers in Victoria. The city is 214 kilometres north of Melbourne, and it is near the border of New South Wales. With a population of approximately 13,000 people, Echuca is a bustling mid-sized town.

Things to see and do in Echuca

Echuca has numerous locations near the Murray River that will spark your desire to go on long adventures in the great outdoors. Begin your fantastic journey through the wilderness by visiting Barmah National Park. Barmah National Park is a nature reserve that is owned by the Aboriginal people, the traditional custodians of Victoria’s lands. With a total area of 28,505 hectares, Barmah National Park is a peaceful area with sandy beaches and riverside views. Listen to the songs of birds as you dip your toes into the refreshing water of Murray river.

After enjoying a warm day on the beach, explore the wetlands by following one of Barmah National Park’s walking tracks. The Yamyabuc Discovery trail will guide you to some of the most peaceful areas of the wetlands near Echuca. Echuca’s wetlands are biologically diverse, so keep an eye out for wildlife. You may encounter a variety of waterbirds. Bushwalking along the Yamyabuc Discovery trail is also an excellent way to learn about Aboriginal history in the region. For enjoyable wetland scenery, follow the Broken Creek Loop track. This 3.5-kilometre path will guide you around Dharnya Swamp before you venture through a red gum forest. You will also see well-preserved Aboriginal cooking mounds near the trail.


Murray River – Echuca, Victoria

The Emmylou paddle steamer on the Murray river in Echuca, Victoria.

Continue your journey in the wilderness near Echuca by exploring Lower Goulburn National Park. Located on the Murray River, Lower Goulburn National Park is a great place for enjoying fishing and boating. Pack your favourite fishing gear, and attempt to catch popular game targets like golden perch and Murray cod. Exploring the smooth waters of the Murray River by boat is an exciting experience. Listen to the satisfying sound of your paddle slicing into the water as you use your strength to navigate the Murray River. Your exhausting efforts will be rewarded with beautiful views of shallow coves and inlets.