Geelong Travel Guide

Geelong is a lovely city that is situated on Corio Bay in Victoria. Located just 75 kilometres southwest of Melbourne, Geelong is easy to access from most areas in Australia. Geelong is one of the largest urban centres in Victoria, so it has well-developed transportation infrastructure. You may access the city through direct flights from Melbourne and other large cities. Travellers from Victoria and neighbouring states often reach Geelong via car or train.

Geelong is full of exciting nightlife activities and cultural attractions that will surely keep you entertained for days. While the urban amenities of Geelong are certainly attractive, the destinations that you will remember for many years are hidden in the charming rural areas near the city. There are also several attractions within the city that may spark your desire to explore the great outdoors. When you visit Geelong and the surrounding areas, you will be awed by steep cliffs, gorgeous forests, and vast seas of blue water. Because of its proximity to beautiful natural gems, Geelong is often referred to as the gateway to Victoria’s coastal wilderness.


As a large and prosperous Victorian city, Geelong has a rich history. The lands around Geelong were occupied by the Wathaurong people. The culture of this Aboriginal group is still an important aspect of Geelong. In fact, the city’s name is based off the Wathauraong word for ‘cliff’.

In 1827, Geelong became an official Victorian township. It was an important port town due to its convenient proximity to gold mines. After the Victorian Gold Rush, the economy of Geelong relied primarily on lumber and related industries. In 1910, Geelong became an industrial city that manufactured many goods that Australians used on a daily basis. Today, the city’s economy is supported by the service, technology, and tourism industries.

Things to see and do in Geelong

Begin your relaxing holiday by swimming at the Eastern Beach. The Eastern Beach offers amazing views of Corio Bay’s glass-like waters. The Eastern Beach has a shark-proof swimming enclosure, and it is located near the centre of Geelong. Listen to the chatter of city crowds while you admire the beauty of the beach.

Before you venture into the remote areas around the city, go to the Geelong Botanical Gardens. The Geelong Botanical Gardens have hundreds of beautiful plants from across the globe. Explore the gardens on a sunny day, or meditate in a quiet area of the park. These gardens are some of the best places for enjoying a calm day of reflection before you continue your adventure.

Geelong, Victoria

Sunny day in the park in Geelong.

Visit You Yangs Regional Park to enjoy some of the best views near Geelong. This 2,000-hectare park consists of volcanic plains that are adorned by dramatic formations of granite. Climb to Flinders Peak to admire panoramic views of the vast lands near the city. You Yangs Regional Park also shelters over 200 avian species.

Climate conditions

The weather conditions in Geelong are comfortable throughout the entire year. The city and the surrounding areas have a temperate oceanic climate, so you can experience four distinct seasons. The summer months in Geelong are usually quite warm. You can expect average summer temperatures to range from 13 to 25 degrees. Winter conditions in Geelong are often cool. If you visit the city during the winter, be prepared for temperatures between 5 and 14 degrees. The area receives approximately 520 millimetres of annual rainfall.