Halls Gap Travel Guide

Halls Gap is situated in the Fyans Valley. In this area of south-eastern Australia, you will encounter towering mountains, lush fields, and dark forests. The stresses of modern living will simply evaporate from your mind as you explore the secrets of the wilderness. The area around Halls Gap has been important for both Aborigines and Australians of European descent for many years. To the Tjapwurong Aboriginal people, the area was known as Mokepilli. Mokepilli was a remote area of Australia until Charles Browning Hall founded Halls Gap.

Halls Gap is a peaceful rural town near Grampians Road. When you arrive in this amazing area, you will be amazed by the dramatic mountains that vigilantly guard the town.

This lovely town has a small population of approximately 700 people. Halls Gap is a popular tourist destination, but the lands around the town are massive. During the peak travel months of the year, Halls Gap has a relaxing atmosphere. The town is sheltered by the Wonderland and Mount William ranges, so it rarely receives passersby.

Things to see and go around Halls Gap

Halls Gap is surrounded by pristine natural wonders that will rekindle your passion for exploring the great outdoors. Launch your great journey through the unknown by visiting Grampians National Park. The Grampians cover an area of 167,219 hectares, so you will enter a world of seemingly endless opportunities for exploration. The Grampians are located just two kilometres outside of Halls Gap. This wonderful national park is listed as an Australian Heritage site. Due to its works of Aboriginal rock art and stunning mountain views, Grampians National Park is one of the most well-loved areas in Australia.

During your adventures in Grampians National Park, you will trek across awe-inspiring sandstone mountains. You will also be impressed by the towering rock formations that adorn the area’s vast valleys. The Grampians were named after the Grampian Mountains of Scotland by Sir Thomas Mitchell.

Grampians National Park – Halls Gap, Victoria

A beautiful view of the mountains from the observation point in Grampians National Park, Victoria.

Like the Grampian Mountains of Scotland, Grampians National Park is covered with lush green forests. On clear evenings, you can see an azure sky that is painted by a royal purple sunset. Balconies Overlook is one of the best places to experience the park’s majestic landscapes. Feel the crisp mountain air cool your skin as you admire an expansive sea of green canopies in Victoria Valley.

If you enjoy challenging climbs, bushwalk to the summit of Hollow Mountain. Hollow Mountain has steep slopes and craggy terrain, so you should come prepared for a journey that will test your fortitude and bush skills. When you finally reach the summit, you will be rewarded with legendary views and a sense of satisfaction.

Climate conditions

Halls Gap and the surrounding areas has a pleasant mild climate. You can expect temperatures to fluctuate between 5 and 27 degrees throughout the year. The area receives moderate rainfall. Expect 30 to 40 millimetres of precipitation each month. If you plan to venture to high-elevation regions of Halls Gap during the winter months, you should come prepared with a light jumper or jacket.