Mildura Travel Guide

Mildura is a city located in the rural Sunraysia region of Victoria. With a population of approximately 50,000 people, Mildura is a large urban centre. Mildura’s economy is supported by several service industries, but the largest flows of income come from agriculture and tourism. Mildura is known for its large vineyards and orange orchards.

The city is located about 550 kilometres northwest of Victoria’s capital, and it can be easily accessed from any location in Australia. Mildura has a small airport that receives flights from a few major urban centres. Several bus companies also connect Mildura with major cities in Victoria. Most people reach Mildura by road.

Things to see and do in Mildura

Visitors can spend a few pleasant hours following the footpaths that run along the banks of the gently flowing Murray River. A number of interesting local landmarks can be viewed along the way, while there are also plenty of pretty spots to pause and simply admire the river for a while.

Murray River – Mildura, Victoria

House boat on Murray river.

Boasting several large areas of bushland and easy walking tracks for visitors to follow, Lock Island makes the perfect daytrip destination. A number of sand bars provide places to pause and soak up the sun on this manmade island, while fishing for carp is also a popular pastime here and the island features several interesting landmarks such as the intricate Lock and Wei system.

Said to be the largest inland beach in the whole of Victoria, Apex Park is the perfect place to take a dip on a sunny day. This huge sandbar also provides plenty of space for visitors to soak up the sun for a few hours, while the surrounding water is watched over by teams of lifeguards.

Offering nature lovers a good place to unwind and take photographs, Perry Sandhills is a collection of huge red sandhills. This is one of the area’s most popular landmarks and visitors will find several good places to pause and pose as well as barbecue and picnic areas.

Established in order to protect and showcase some of Australia’s native plants, Australian Inland Botanic Gardens is sure to be appreciated by anyone who has a green thumb. The different plant species that can be found here are well displayed and offer visitors an interesting insight into the abundance of unique natural beauty that Australia boasts.

Climate conditions

Mildura is comfortable during every month of the year due to its semi-arid climate. The area’s average monthly temperatures range from 15 to 30 degrees. You can expect hot summers and chilly winters. Frosts are common during the winter months, but snowfall is irregular.