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Royal Botanic Gardens
Travel Guide – Victoria

Royal Botanic Gardens Travel Guide

The Royal Botanic Gardens of Melbourne are perfect when you want to enjoy a combination of convenience and nature. This gorgeous destination has existed since 1846, and it is one of the oldest public gardens in the world. The Royal Botanic Gardens are maintained by the government of Melbourne. When you explore this lovely world of flowering plants and lawns, you will be impressed by a palette of vibrant colours. Allow your eyes to feast on a diverse landscape of green, blue, red, and orange hues.

Although the Royal Botanic Gardens are situated in Victoria’s busiest city, you will be surprised by a serene place that is suitable for quiet picnics and meditation. The gardens are spread out across an area of 38 hectares, so you may enjoy isolated areas to escape the excitement of the metropolis.

In addition to amazing themed gardens and manicured lawns, the Royal Botanic Gardens are a hub for ecological research. This area shelters over 10,000 species of native and non-native plants. The biological diversity of the Royal Botanic Gardens has attracted researchers from the National Herbarium of Victoria. You may learn quite a bit about the plants of Australia during your tour of the gardens. You can also encounter birds, butterflies, and other animals that coexist with the diverse plants.

If you explore the Royal Botanic Gardens, you will eventually encounter the Yarra River. The waters of this river flow through the city, but you can enjoy the green lawns as you rest on the Yarra River’s south banks.

Royal Botanic Gardens – Melbourne, Victoria

Strolls in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne on a sunny day.