Rutherglen Travel Guide

Rutherglen is a quaint town that will amaze you with its peaceful atmosphere and splendid natural views. Situated between Yarrawonga and Wodonga in northeastern Victoria, Rutherglen is located 10 kilometres from the Murray River. You will be joyed by limitless opportunities for excitement near one of Victoria’s most important waterways. Located just 276 kilometres north of Melbourne, Rutherglen is easily accessible.

Things to see and do in Rutherglen

The primary industries of Rutherglen are wine production and tourism, so you should make an effort to tour some of the area’s most popular vineyards. While the wineries of Rutherglen create a wide array of wines, the region is known for fortified wines. Enjoy the charm of family-owned businesses while you sip on your favourite variety of wine.

For a scenic adventure in Victoria’s most popular wine country, visit All Saints Estate. All Saints Estate offers the typical tasting tours, but you can admire picturesque gardens after you drive along a charming dirt road. Return to the main winery to admire some incredible architecture.

If you are looking for an amazing experience in the great outdoors, go to Lower Ovens Regional Park. Lower Ovens Regional Park is located near the Murray and Ovens Rivers, and you will enjoy spectacular views of wetlands. When you walk along the park’s well-maintained tracks, keep an eye out for wildlife. Lower Ovens Regional Park supports a diverse community of birds. Tour the area by exploring the isolated inlets of the Murray River with a kayak.

All Saints Castle – Rutherglen, Victoria

All Saints Castle building at a winery in Rutherglen, Victoria.

Explore Warby-Ovens National Park. Trek across the rugged terrain of the Warby Range, and enjoy incredible vistas of the Rutherglen region. During the summer months, you may see fields of colourful wildflowers. You may also go to the Ovens River to fish for popular game targets.