Warrnambool Travel Guide

Warrnambool is a stunning port city on the south-eastern coast of Victoria. This city is a major urban centre near the world-famous Shipwreck Coast. During your journeys through the great outdoors near Warrnambool, you will encounter some of the best ocean views that Australia has to offer. Located at the western end of the Great Ocean Road, you will be able to enjoy incredible vistas of the marine wilderness. You may be equally impressed by the geological diversity of the rugged coastal landscapes.

This town is located 265 kilometres southwest of Melbourne. The popular tourist destination can be accessed via the Princes Highway or the Hopkins Highway. If you do not live in Victoria, you may fly to an airport in Melbourne or Warrnambool. The area receives approximately 750,000 tourists each year, but you will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy serene natural environments without encountering man-made distractions.


Warrnambool is an important location for modern Australians, but the lands around it have been occupied by the Aboriginal people for thousands of years. The name of the city comes from a local Aboriginal word for a volcanic cone that rests in the wilderness. Warrnambool roughly translates to English as ‘the land between two rivers’.

When Europeans were exploring New Holland, the lands around Warrnambool were frequently surveyed. Some historical accounts suggest that Warrnambool was discovered by Europeans as early at the 16th century. The area had a fairly low population until the 19th century. During the Victorian Gold Rush, prospectors used Lady Bay and other geographical endowments near Warrnambool to reduce their mining costs. Warrnambool became an official Victorian city in 1855.

Things to see and do in Warrnambool

Logans Beach – Warrnambool, Victoria

Whale viewing platform at sunset, Logans Beach, Warrnambool.


Start your memorable journey through the outdoors at Logan Beach. Logan Beach is a beautiful surf beach that is caressed by the sparkling waters of the Southern Ocean. With its clean sands and calm environment, Logan Beach is an idyllic location for meditation. You may also enjoy reading your favourite novel as you listen to the orchestra of crashing waves and singing seabirds. Between June and October, you can also see whales during their annual migration. These whales are often spotted just 100 metres away from the shore, so you will surely encounter unforgettable views.

After you have admired the awe-inspiring scenes of the Southern Ocean, explore the sand dunes of one of Warrnambool’s numerous beaches. Ride a horse across the steep hills of sand, or use the strength of your own legs. From the top of a dune, you can appreciate lovely panoramic views of the surrounding areas.

Go to Shipwreck Coast to see iconic landmarks like the Lord Ard shipwreck. You will learn about the wreck while you encounter the beautiful sandstone formations that shelter a peaceful beach from the chaos of the ocean.

If you enjoy incredible views, trek to the top of Cannon Hill. From the top of Cannon Hill, you will see Lady Bay and Lake Pertobe.

Climate conditions

Warrnambool and the surrounding areas have a pleasant oceanic climate that you will enjoy during every month of the year. The area has temperate conditions. The average monthly temperatures in Warrnambool range from 7 to 23 degrees. The area’s winter conditions tend to be warmer than other areas in Victoria. Warrnambool receives approximately 741 millimetres of annual rainfall. Precipitation is expected on 166 days per year.