Augusta Travel Guide

Located on the southwestern coast of Western Australia, Augusta is a charming coastal town known for its picturesque ocean views and fun marine activities. When you explore this area of Australia, you will be thrilled to see sparkling blue waters and pristine coastal landscapes. The town is also a convenient gateway to some of the best attractions in the southwestern portion of Western Australia.

Things to see and do around Augusta

Augusta is located near iconic Cape Leeuwin. Cape Leeuwin was named after the first ship to explore the region in 1622. This ship was owned by the Dutch East India Company, a controversial transnational company that profited from the resources near the Indian Ocean. In 1802, Augusta and the surrounding areas were explored by Matthew Flinders. Augusta was officially established as a town in 1830. Throughout its existence, Augusta has relied on the natural amenities of the ocean. Today, the economy of Augusta is primarily supported by the tourism industry.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse – Augusta, Western Australia

A nice view of Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse in Augusta, Western Australia.

Augusta is situated near the convergence of Flinders Bay and the Blackwood River. During your holiday in Augusta, you should take some time to enjoy the unspoiled views of these impressive waterways. Spend a day on the sand by visiting one of the beaches near Flinders Bay. If you enjoy fantastic ocean views, visit one of the lookouts near Augusta. You can admire the vibrant blue hues of the Southern and Indian Oceans as the crisp winds dishevel your hair.

Take your adventure to the next level by joining a whale-watching party. Flinders Bay is one of the best places to watch whales in the area between June and August. You may encounter southern right and humpback whales, so remember to bring a great pair of binoculars. If you enjoy collecting souvenirs, a photograph of one of these majestic beasts can be a perfect memento.

Augusta is also near the famous Cape to Cape Track. The southern entrance to the trail is located at the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. This 135-kilometre trail will guide you to dramatic coastal cliffs, remote beaches, and green heathland. The Cape to Cape Track will test your endurance and bush skills, so come prepared with sturdy gear and an optimistic outlook.

If you prefer adventures on the water, explore Hardy Inlet with a kayak. This area is full of dolphins and birds, and you will witness legendary marine views. Feel the power of the ocean as you use your strength to reach your destination.