Broome Travel Guide

Located in Western Australia’s Kimberley region, Broome is an ocean retreat well-known for its picturesque beaches and marine scenery. The town of Broome is a charming area that is known for its role in the pearling industry. And, since Broome is located near major population centres, you can easily access the area for extended holiday weekends.

Things to see and do in Broome

Firstly, going to Horizontal Falls is a must. As its name suggests, Horizontal Falls actually is not a waterfall at all; it is an area of rushing water at the mouth of Talbot Bay. While most bays gradually open for an undramatic flow of water from tributaries, Talbot Bay allows water to flow through a small gap between two massive rock formations. These rock formations cause a bottleneck, and the pressure of the water flowing between them accelerates to intense rapids. If you are like most people, you will realise that the chaotic mixture of azure water and white foam is irresistible. For the best vantage point, tour the falls by guided tour boat.

Continue your adventure at Cable Beach. Cable Beach is 22 kilometres in length, and it is covered by soft white sand. This beach is Broome’s most popular beach destination, but it is nevertheless fairly quiet throughout the year. Before you tan or plunge into the glass-like water, tour the area by riding a camel along the waterline. If you venture near the lagoons, you may be able to catch a glimpse of saltwater crocodiles and tropical birds. Cable Beach is also a great location for fishing.

Cable Beach – Broome, Western Australia

Ride a camel train along Cable Beach at sunset.

For an area that is both relaxing and visually pleasing, go to Roebuck Bay. Roebuck Bay has an interesting mixture of white sands and blue water. The pleasing scenery is complemented by occasional opportunities to see dolphins in the bay. If you are looking for a challenge, consider casting a bottom rig into the surf of Roebuck Bay. The waters in this area are filled with tropical game targets that will give you the exciting opportunities that you’re looking for. Roebuck Bay also has numerous beaches that are suitable for picnicking and swimming.

Travel to Dampier Peninsula for one of the most beautiful sunsets in Western Australia. When the sun nears the horizon, the cliffs of the Dampier Peninsula glow with a red hue as the sun shimmers on the turquoise water. Located north of Broome, the Dampier Peninsula offers exceptional opportunities for photographers to capture inspiring images. To enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Dampier at night, go to Cape Leveque. Cape Leveque is the northernmost portion of the peninsula, and it is sheltered by amazingly tall cliffs.

Dampier Peninsula – Broome, Western Australia

Camping at the remote James Price Point on the Dampier Peninsula.