Busselton Travel Guide

Busselton is an award-winning tourist destination in the South West region of Western Australia. Busselton is known for its lovely beaches and cozy seaside communities, but many people come to the town to see impressive views of the Southern Ocean. Located 220 kilometres southwest of Perth, Busselton is a convenient location for West Australians who are in search of a wonderful holiday retreat.

Things to see and do in Busselton

Visitors can take a stroll along Busselton Jetty to visit the underwater observatory that can be found at the very end. The jetty stretches for nearly two kilometres into the ocean and also boasts a number of other attractions that are just waiting to be visited such as an interesting and informative museum.

Busselton, Western Australia

View from the Busselton Jetty, WA overlooking the beach.

The clear and cool blue waters that lap the shore are teaming with marine life and arranging a scuba diving trip is the perfect way to explore the watery underworld. Divers of all experience levels will be able to enjoy this type of trip, while snorkelling and other types of aquatic activities can also be enjoyed here.

People who truly want to get back to nature can take a tour through the Wetlands area of Busselton. A large number of migrating birds can be spotted here and a series of special bird watching platforms have been set up so that visitors can admire these fine feathered friends in their natural habitat.

People who want the chance to see whales cavorting among the wave can take a whale watching trip from Port Geographe Marina. The special trips are offered every day between September and December each year and offer a stirring experience that visitors can be sure they will never forget.

A number of local tour guides also offer visitors the chance to take a trip to explore the network of underground caves that can be found in the area. Perhaps the largest and most impressive of these is Ngilgi Cave with its stunning collection of stalactites and stalagmites, while the Mammoth and Jewel Caves are also worth checking out.