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Denmark Travel Guide

Denmark is a destination in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. Located on Western Australia’s southwestern coast, Denmark is a small town that offers awe-inspiring natural views. Denmark is situated on Wilson Inlet, so you will be amazed by coastal cliffs, gorgeous waters, lush forests, and flawless beaches. Take some time to explore the wilderness to experience the bounties of nature.


Like most Australian areas, Denmark was occupied by Aboriginal people before the arrival of the Europeans. The area around Denmark is the traditional homeland of the Noongar people. The Noongar Aborigines referred to the lands near Denmark as ‘Kwoorabup’. This name roughly translates to English as ‘the land of the black wallaby’. The Noongar people lived in a state of isolation until the Europeans discovered the Great Southern region in the 17th century. In 1627, an explorer from the Dutch East India Company charted the coast near Denmark. After businessmen and settlers realized that the wilderness areas in the Great Southern region had valuable resources, people began to populate the area. The timber and agriculture industries brought a large amount of income to the region. In 1895, Denmark was established as a township.

Things to see and do in Denmark

As one of the most important areas in the Southern Great Wine Region, Denmark has a plethora of award-winning wineries and vineyards. To fully experience the rural charms of this wine country, tour one of the largest vineyards. You may walk among the numerous rows of chardonnay and Riesling grapes before you sample various fine beverages.

If you would prefer a sober experience, visit one of Denmark’s farms. The Edengate Blueberry Farm is a favourite attraction among both locals and tourists. You can enjoy the peaceful rural atmosphere while you learn about the growing techniques of the farmers. Taste some of the most delicious berries in Western Australia before you continue your adventure.

Denmark, Western Australia

Beautiful beach in Denmark, South of Western Australia.

Travel to William Bay National Park to admire the area’s incredible coastal views. This protected area has incredible rock pools that are perfect for a day of relaxation. Swim next to gargantuan boulders while you are enveloped in turquoise water. Finish your legendary adventure in the park by enjoying aquatic activities near Waterfall Beach.

Denmark is one of the southernmost areas on Australia’s mainland, so you may encounter birds that migrate from Antarctica. Keep an eye out for terns and white-bellied sea eagles. You can also see local seabirds that reside in the pristine habitats of the Great Southern region. Bring a pair of high-quality binoculars, and prepare to be amazed by incredible avian species.