Dunsborough Travel Guide

Dunsborough is an idyllic coastal town in the South West region of Western Australia. When you arrive in Dunsborough, you will immediately be amazed by the turquoise waters and rugged coastal terrain. This town has won numerous awards for being a top tourist destination. Dunsborough is frequently visited by Australians for its delectable wines and unforgettable ocean views.

Dunsborough is situated on the shore of Geographe Bay just 254 kilometres south of Perth, so locals can easily drive to the town for a relaxing weekend next to the sea. Australians from other states may fly to Perth before driving to Dunsborough. Several bus charter companies regularly transport passengers to Dunsborough and the surrounding areas.


Carbon dating and historical records suggest that the Aboriginal people have lived in Western Australia for nearly 40,000 years. Several key archaeological sites near Dunsborough have provided evidence in the form of quartz tools and blades. The lands around Dunsborough are currently occupied by the Nyungar Aboriginal people. If you are interested in learning about the history of the Aboriginal people, visit some of the archaeological sites near Caves Road. You may also explore the caves of a nearby national park to see cave art and the traditional homes of the Aboriginal people.

Things to see and do in Dunsborough

The areas around Dunsborough will impress you with serene views and peaceful atmospheres. Launch your great adventure in this coastal wonderland by visiting Cape Naturalist Lighthouse. From the top of Cape Naturalist Lighthouse, you will be rewarded with picturesque views of Geographe Bay. Soothe your senses by gazing at the sparkling waters of the bay, or simply listen to the waves break on the rocky shoreline. During certain months of the year, you may also be able to see whales near the horizon.

After you have appreciated the lovely views of Geographe Bay, test your endurance by following the Cape to Cape walking track. This well-maintained path will guide you through forests and other beautiful natural areas that will inspire you to appreciate the wonders of nature. You may encounter a variety of seabirds and mammals.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse – Dunsborough, Western Australia

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse near Dunsborough, WA.

For a relaxing day by the water, go to Meelup Beach. Meelup Beach is a pristine area of white sand with plenty of shade. If you visit Meelup Beach during the evening hours, you will see the moon rise above the horizon.

Continue your journey around Dunsborough by visiting Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park. From forests and caves to islands and coral reefs, this park is quite diverse. For a rewarding subterranean experience, visit Devil’s Lair, an important archaeological site.

Meelup Beach – Dunsborough, Western Australia

Relaxing at Meelup Beach, near the town of Dunsborough in Western Australia.

Climate conditions

Dunsborough has lovely weather conditions throughout most of the year. With a Mediterranean climate, this area of Western Australia is warm and dry during the summer months. During the winter months, you can expect cool and wet conditions. The area receives about 831 millimetres of annual rainfall, so you can expect to see lush forests that are full of diverse flora and fauna.