Exmouth Travel Guide

Located in Western Australia’s North West Cape, Exmouth is a quiet town that is frequently visited by Australian holiday-goers. Although Exmouth is over 1,200 kilometres north of Perth, it is easily accessible by land (for those who want a big road-trip) and air.

Exmouth is home to several resorts and cultural destinations, but it is also near a plethora of prime nature locations. With a subtropical climate, Exmouth and the surrounding areas can be visited throughout the year. The weather in Exmouth is warm and dry on most days. From pristine nature reserves to breathtaking overlooks, Exmouth has the natural gems that you are looking for in a relaxing holiday.

Things to see and do in Exmouth

Cape Range National Park is located just 40 kilometres from the town of Exmouth. With over 50,000 hectares of land, Cape Range National Park offers a seemingly endless variety of options for you to explore with your friends and family members. When you arrive at the park, you’ll be impressed by the colourful rocky landscapes that are covered with boulders and sand dunes. While the park is arid, it is not barren; a large portion of the park is covered with small shrubs and heat-resistant plants. On a clear day, your eyes will be rewarded with vibrant hues of blue, red, and green.

Cape Range National Park – Exmouth, Western Australia

Turquoise Bay, Ningaloo Reef, in Cape Range National Park near Exmouth, Western Australia.

Tour some of Cape Range’s ancient gorges to appreciate the beauty of intricate rock formations. Moulded by the park’s rivers, these gorges serve as sheltered habitats for many species. When you visit one of Cape Range’s gorges, you will have the opportunity to see kangaroos, lizards, snakes, and other animals. On a hot day, the gorges are suitable places to take shelter from the sun’s strong rays.

Be sure to go to Ningaloo National Park. The incredible coral reef there is classified as a biodiversity hotspot, so you’ll have the opportunity to see exotic fish, birds, and plants. Some of the most popular species that take refuge in the reef are whale sharks, rays, and turtles.