Fremantle Travel Guide

Fremantle is a beautiful port city in the Greater Perth area. Located just 30 minutes away from Perth’s central business district, Fremantle is a convenient getaway for locals, particularly on a hot summer’s day. This lovely destination is frequently visited by travellers who enjoy art and culture. During your urban adventure, absorb the warm vibes of Fremantle while you visit fascinating museums, music venues, and markets.


Fremantle was established as a major city in 1829, and it has been the site of important historical events. A large portion of Australia’s convict past was related to Fremantle. During your adventures in the city, you may encounter a variety of important convict sites. Explore these jails and prisons to learn about the city’s dark history. Fremantle Prison is an attraction that you simply must visit. Participate in a guided tour of the prison to learn about the notorious events that occurred in Fremantle. This location is listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Travel to Fremantle’s High Street to admire gorgeous buildings. Some of the historical structures on High Street have been standing since the 19th century, but they are well-preserved.

Things to see and do in Fremantle

If you travel to the central business district of Fremantle, you may dine at one of the fine restaurants. These award-winning establishments have been featured in magazines and travel shows from across the globe. Enjoy a tasty meal of fresh fish and chips, or sip on a pint of local beer. Fremantle has several quaint pubs where you can enjoy an exciting evening of cocktails and music.

Fishing Boat Harbour – Fremantle, Western Australia

View of the Fishing Boat Harbour in Fremantle.

For some legendary coastal views, visit Fishing Boat Harbour. Fishing Boat Harbour is a busy waterfront area that is surrounded by several interesting markets. Purchase local produce and seafood from a farmers’ market, or get a great deal on a souvenir from a boutique. You may also find stylish clothing and works of art in artisan shops. You may also enjoy an exciting swashbuckling adventure by taking a charter boat out on the turbulent waters of the Indian Ocean.

Fremantle’s beaches can be quite busy during the summer months, but you will always be able to find an empty spot to enjoy the rays of the sun. You will be truly relaxed when you wade in the calm waters of a clear lagoon. The coastal landscape near Fremantle has several major walking tracks that will guide you to lovely ocean views. Watch the ships float along the horizon while you enjoy a tasty picnic.

Fremantle, Western Australia

Part of the famous Fremantle market in Perth, Western Australia. Tourists and residents are strolling around the market stalls to look for fresh fruit and vegetables, but also souvenirs and household articles can be bought at this market.