Geraldton Travel Guide

Geraldton is a charming coastal city in the mid-west region of Western Australia. When you visit Geraldton, you will be stunned by amazing views of coastal landscapes and sparkling waters. The city is situated 424 kilometres north of Perth, and the city has a small airport that accepts direct flights from Perth, if you prefer not to drive.

With a population of approximately 36,000 people, Geraldton is a moderately large town. Although Geraldton is a busy urban centre, it is surrounded by calming rural areas. The surrounding areas make Geraldton a popular tourist destination. In addition to the tourism industry, Geraldton’s economy is supported by mining, fishing, and agriculture. The city is also an important location for the Australian Army.


Prior to the arrival of the European explorers, Western Australia was inhabited solely by the Aboriginal people for over 40,000 years. There are many caves in the region that are filled with cave art and artifacts from early times. The Wajarri Aboriginal people are the traditional owners of the Mid west. At some point during the 17th century, the coastal area near present-day Geraldton was discovered by the Dutch East India Company. However, Geraldton did not become an official township under British rule until 1850.

Things to see and do in Geraldton

Geraldton is surrounded by awe-inspiring coastal attractions. Start your adventure in Geraldton by visiting Page Beach. Located near the centre of Geraldton, Pages Beach is a lovely area of white sand. Go swimming in the refreshing areas of the Indian Ocean. If you would prefer an exhilarating experience, go windsurfing.

Geraldton Beach – Geraldton, Western Australia

One of the beautiful beaches in Geraldton in central Western Australia.

For amazing views of the ocean, go to Separation Point Lookout. This is a popular destination that will provide you with amazing panoramic scenery. Admire the glass-like water as you listen to the waves crash on large rocks. Separation Point is also an incredible place for surfing and aquatic activities.

If you are looking for an unforgettable adventure, use a boat to reach the Abrolhos Islands. Located just 60 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia, the Abrolhos Islands are excellent for diving and snorkelling. Explore a colourful underwater world as you explore pristine reefs. When you finally come up for air, go on a grand adventure with a kayak. You will be impressed by hidden coves and untouched beaches.

Climate conditions

Due to its Mediterranean climate, you can expect warm and dry conditions during Geraldton’s summer months. During the winter months, conditions are usually cool and wet. On average, Geraldton receives 442 millimetres of annual rainfall. Precipitation is expected on 86 days per year. The area has about 190 sunny days per year.