Jurien Bay Travel Guide

Jurien Bay is a lovely coastal destination in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. Due to its striking views, this town attracts visitors from across the globe. From Perth, follow the Indian Ocean Drive. This famous coastal route will guide you along towering seaside cliffs, pristine beaches, and a vast expanse of sparkling water. When you finally arrive in Jurien Bay, you will be greeted by a quaint town on the edge of the Indian Ocean.


Jurien Bay was first explored by Louis de Freycinet of France in 1801. Freycinet named Jurien Bay after one of his closest colleagues. In the 1820s, English surveyors explored the lands around Jurien Bay. They reported the deep-water ports, open lands, and marine resources of the area to their superiors. Eventually, settlers and businessmen moved into the western coastal lands of Western Australia. These profit-minded individuals transformed the wilderness of Jurien Bay into an economic powerhouse. The primary industries of Jurien Bay were fishing and agriculture. Today, the town relies on fishing and tourism for income. The town of Jurien Bay was officially established in 1950.

Things to see and do in Jurien Bay

Start your grand adventure in Jurien Bay by testing your fishing skills during an off-shore trip. You may charter a boat from a local company to access the glorious blue waters of the Indian Ocean. When you arrive at an off-shore reef, you will be thrilled to see a vast ocean of sapphires.. Listen to the waves break on your boat as you fish with your favourite rod. With a combination of skill and luck, you can catch snapper and other popular targets. Some charters will also allow you to catch rock lobsters with traps.

Jurien Bay, Western Australia

Jurien Bay curved jetty and beach scene.

Jurien Bay Marine Park is a protected coastal area of lagoons, coves, inlets, and beaches. When you explore the park, you may encounter seabirds, seals, and fish. Use a kayak to see the marvellous coastal views from the ocean. You will be able to experience Jurien Bay from the perspective of Freycinet and other legendary explorers. After you admire the gorgeous cliffs and ivory sands, use snorkelling gear to witness the park’s coral reefs. Jurien Bay Marine Park also has numerous rugged walking tracks that will guide you to popular overlooks.

Continue your journey near Jurien Bay by visiting Nambung National Park. This magical wilderness area is a coastal desert that is adorned with dramatic limestone pillars. The Pinnacles are the most impressive geological formations in the park. These massive limestone spears protrude from the flat surface of the desert. If you need to escape the desert heat, visit one of Nambung’s unspoiled beaches.