Kalbarri Travel Guide

Kalbarri is a lovely town in the mid west region of Western Australia. Located 592 kilometres north of Perth, Kalbarri is fairly remote. While Kalbarri is far away from major urban centres, it can be reached via car or bus. The town has approximately 1,400 permanent residents, so the area remains peaceful throughout the year. During the largest holidays, the population of the town can grow to 8,000 people.


Kalbarri is an important area for the local Aboriginal people who have lived in the region for thousands of years. Kalbarri was named after an important Aboriginal man from the area around the town. While the Aboriginal people have lived in the Mid West region of Australian for several millennia, people of European descent have only known of its existence for approximately 300 years, and the area was only settled in the 19th century during British rule.

Things to see and do in Kalbarri

With a total area of 1,830 square-kilometres, Kalbarri National Park is a massive nature reserve. To fully appreciate the beauty of this area, visit some of the cliffs that guard the coast. These crimson sandstone cliffs tower over a vast expanse of turquoise water. You will be impressed by the pleasant blend of arid landscapes and beautiful waters. These sheer red cliffs are not the only awe-inspiring geological features in Kalbarri; you can also admire a natural bridge and sea stacks.

Kalbarri National Park – Kalbarri, Western Australia

People hiking along the layered red sandstone cliffs with native flora at Kalbarri National Park in Kalbarri, Western Australia.

During your adventures in Kalbarri National Park, keep an eye out for brightly coloured plants. Wide patches of wildflowers and Kalbarri catspaw are common in the park. You may also encounter interesting fauna. If you tread carefully through the wilderness, you can find echidnas and wallabies. With over 150 species of birds, Kalbarri National Park is also a paradise for avian enthusiasts.

For unforgettable views of the park, go to the world-famous Z-Bend. This area is frequently photographed by professionals, so you will surely be amazed by the vibrantly blue river that flows at the bottom of the 150-metre deep gorge. If you find that you are still in need of a challenge, follow the 8-kilometre walking track near Nature’s Window. You will be rewarded with beautiful ocean views after you traverse rocky terrain.

Nature's Window – Kalbarri, Western Australia

Nature’s Window at Kalbarri National Park.

Climate conditions

Kalbarri has a pleasant climate that will allow you to enjoy the bush and beach throughout the entire year. The town is situated on a location that provides a mixture of Mediterranean and semi-arid conditions. On average, the area receives 348 millimetres of rainfall. You can expect warm winters and hot summers.