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Karijini National Park
Travel Guide – Western Australia

Karijini National Park Travel Guide

As the second largest wilderness park in Western Australia, Karijini National Park is an ideal destination for Australians to feed their wanderlust without leaving the country. Karijini National Park covers over 600,000 hectares, so you’ll be able to enjoy endless adventures over the years.

With a climate that ranges from sub-tropical to arid, Karijini National Park has diverse weather patterns throughout the year. Visit Karijini between late-autumn and early-spring for a comfortable experience. During this period, the weather is generally warm, but frosts are possible at night.

Things to see and do in Karijini National Park

When you visit Karijini National Park, you will be impressed by stunning views of incredible landscapes. The unique geological formations in this area are naturally painted with various hues of red and orange. During the mornings and evenings, these rock formations appear to have a fiery glow.

Dales Gorge attracts numerous visitors each year with its sheer red cliffs and cascading waterfalls. After a long day of bushwalking and exploration, you can enjoy dipping your feet into one of Dales Gorge’s pristine pools of blue water. These pools also make sure that the shaded areas of the gorge remain at comfortable temperatures throughout the day.

Spend the day in the wilderness by bushwalking from Dales Gorge to a nearby hotspot. The Gorge Rim trail is a popular option, and it gives adventurers the opportunity to enjoy stunning views of the gorge from a high vantage point. After trekking for several hours, enjoy a much-deserved break under one of the many native cypress trees that line the perimeter of Dales Gorge. The Gorge Rim trail is only four kilometres in length, but you should come prepared with water and food.


Karijini National Park, Western Australia

Man swimming in Hancock Gorge, Karijini National Park.

For a longer trek, go bushwalking along the Dales Gorge trail. This trail will allow you to explore some of the most impressive views of Dales Gorge from within the gorge itself. Dales Gorge trail is 8 kilometres in length. It has an established camping area that can be used as a base for overnight adventures.

To bask in the glory of Karijini’s landscapes, go to Oxer Lookout. Oxer Lookout offers incredible views of crimson cliffs and geological formations. Since Oxer Lookout is located at a high elevation, you will be able to see the junction of Joffre, Red, and Weano Gorges. From Oxer Lookout, you may follow a trail to Junction Pool Lookout to view more scenery.

Karijini National Park is home to various flora. During the months of early-spring, keep an eye out for colourful flowers. Some of the most beautiful flowers of the area are cassias, wattles, and northern bluebells. Also look for some of the animals that reside in Karijini. Along with exotic birds, you may be able to see red kangaroos, rock wallabies, geckos, bearded dragons, and pythons.

Karijini National Park, Western Australia

Outback Australia – Karijini National Park, WA