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Kings Park and Botanic Garden
Travel Guide – Western Australia

Kings Park and Botanic Garden Travel Guide

Kings Park is located in Perth, the capital city of Western Australia. Situated on the edge of Perth’s central district, Kings Park is a magnificent place that will allow you to enjoy natural wonders without leaving the comfort and convenience of the city. This destination covers about 4.1 square-kilometres, so you will have plenty of beautiful places to explore. When you venture across Kings Park and the surrounding areas, you will witness riverside views, gorgeous memorials and lush gardens. Take some time to stroll across the grassy fields to gaze at a lovely patch of wildflowers.

Due to its masterfully designed gardens and gorgeous natural features, Kings Park is one of the most frequently visited attractions in Perth The area receives over five million annual visitors. In addition to fantastic views, Kings Park offers a festival that attracts people from across Western Australia enjoy each year. Attend the Kings Park Festival during September to enjoy music, wildflower exhibitions, and the sights of spring.


Kings Park was not always a reservation of natural wonders in Perth. During Australia’s colonial periods, many businessmen sought to use the resources of the area to earn profits. While clearing the land for timber or pastures may have been lucrative, it would have also destroyed the beauty of Perth’s natural areas. Fortunately, nature-loving leaders protected the lands of Kings Park with the Parks and Reserves Act of 1895.

Things to see and do in Kings Park

If you thoroughly explore the park, you will notice that the urban landscape gradually fades into the wilderness of Mount Eliza. You will also encounter legendary views of the Swan River. These natural areas offer protected habitats to a variety of plants and animals. Over 80 avian species reside in Kings Park. You may see cockatoos, terns, eagles, and other interesting birds. For a fun wilderness adventure, climb to the summit of Mount Eliza. Mount Eliza is a modest mountain, but its walking tracks will guide you to picturesque views of the Swan River, forests, and the city. Mount Eliza is also an important cultural site for the Nyoongar Aboriginal people. In the local Aboriginal language, Mount Eliza is referred to as Mooro Katta. Please be respectful of the Nyoongar culture by helping the landowners preserve Mount Eliza.

Memorial – Kings Park, Perth WA

King’s Park Botanic Park flora with State War Memorial.

Kings Park’s Kennedy Spring is also an important historical destination. According to Perth’s historical records, Kennedy Spring is the only natural freshwater spring in the region. The city of Perth was formed around Kennedy Spring. Prior to the arrival of Europeans, Kennedy Spring provided drinkable water to indigenous Australians throughout the year. Today, this important location is marked by Kennedy Fountain. Kennedy Fountain is a popular location, so take some time to enjoy a picnic near its waters.

After you appreciate the seemingly countless natural wonders of Kings Park, visit the famous war memorial. This beautiful monument honours Australian servicemen who have sacrificed their lives since World War I. Take a moment to reflect on the history and progress of Australia when you visit the war memorial. Kings Park also has the Bali Memorial. This important memorial ensures that the people who were killed during the Bali bombing are not forgotten.

Admire the gorgeous rock formations of Kings Park by walking along Law Walk. Law Walk is 2.5-kilometre track that will guide you along beautiful rock escarpments until you reach Dryandra Lookout.

Kings Park, Perth WA

Bridge running through the treetops in Kings Park, Perth.