Lancelin Travel Guide

Lancelin is a place of natural wonders on the western coast of Western Australia. Visit this gorgeous holiday town to enjoy beautiful coastal views and exhilarating maritime activities. With a modest population of approximately 600 people, Lancelin offers plenty of space to enjoy the serenity of the great outdoors. This holiday destination does not receive many tourists even during the busiest months of the year; during the bustling Christmas holiday, the population of Lancelin expands to about 2,500 people. The peaceful ocean atmosphere makes Lancelin a great destination for Australians who would like to avoid touristy marine attractions.


Prior to the arrival of the European explorers, the wilderness areas around Lancelin were occupied by several Aboriginal groups. In the local Aboriginal language, Lancelin was known as Wangaree. This translates to English as ‘fish’. When you encounter the plentiful communities of fish that live near Lancelin, you will understand that Wangaree is an appropriate name. In 1801, Lancelin Island and the coast near the modern location of the town were discovered by Nicolas Baudin. After the resources of the area were surveyed by English explorers, Lancelin was established.

Things to see and do in Lancelin

When you arrive in Lancelin, you will be awed by picturesque marine views. Observe the quaint fishing town before you gaze at the expansive waters of the Indian Ocean. If you enjoy exciting challenges, use a boat to travel to off-shore waters near Lancelin. By using heavy fishing tackle and trusted strategies, you may catch mackerel, marlin, snapper, and other popular targets. These large species can certainly test your skills, so be prepared for a long battle with nature.

Sand Dunes – Lanceline, Western Australia

Families sledding and sand surfing the white sand dunes in Lancelin, Western Australia.

Return to Lancelin’s beaches for an exhilarating day of fun on the sand. Lancelin has massive dunes that are perfect for a variety of sports. Climb to the top of these mountains of sand to enjoy a day of sandboarding. You will feel adrenaline rush through your veins as you enjoy a gravity-fueled adventure under the sun. Many travellers also enjoy exciting 4WD adventures on the dunes of Lancelin.

Watch interesting wildlife in the pristine wilderness areas of Lancelin Island Nature Reserve. This is a protected area, so diverse species are plentiful. You may encounter seabirds, mammals, and reptiles.