Manjimup Travel Guide

Manjimup is a beautiful town in the South West region of Western Australia. Located just 307 kilometres south of Perth, Manjimup is easy to access via car or bus. The town is surrounded by picturesque rural landscapes and wilderness areas.


The land around Manjimup has been important for the Aboriginal people for thousands of years. In the local Aboriginal language of Noongar, Manjimup means the meeting place of manjim. Manjim is an edible reed that is found in forests throughout the area. After World War I, the town of Manjimup was established by people of European descent. Today, the area is known for its lovely farms, orchard and vineyards.

Things to see and do in Manjimup

Visit the world-famous King Jarrah tree. Located just three kilometres outside of the town, the King Jarrah tree is a massive tree that has existed for over 600 years. This tree was nearly destroyed by the timber industry, but it is now an important landmark for the town of Manjimup. The tree is important for both Aboriginals and people of European ancestry. The King Jarrah tree is about 47 metres in height and 3 metres in width. When you visit this tree, you can also enjoy a well-maintained bushwalking trail that will guide you to some of the most beautiful views in the vicinity. During the spring, you can see colourful fields of wildflowers.

Manjimup, Western Australia

Rural farm in Manjimup, WA.

After you have explored the beautiful areas just outside of the town, explore the Southern Forest. Appreciate the amazing views of the forest by climbing to the top of the Diamond Tree lookout tower. Located 51 metres above the forest floor, this tower rises above the canopy of the forest. Admire the incredible views of the canopy from above as you reflect on your adventures.

For unforgettable adventures, go to Shannon National Park. Tour the park by following Great Forest Tree Drive. Be sure to stop at popular locations like Snake Gully Lookout. You will be amazed by the panoramic scenery of a forest of karri trees.